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Best Free Python Courses

10 Best Free Python Courses Online For Beginners (2023)

Python is slowly dominating all other programming languages and will soon become the Number one programming language for all. And if you are thinking...
Artificial Intelligence Courses

6 Best Free Artificial Intelligence Courses Online in 2022

Technology in computers is booming up day by day. Most of our tasks are now being performed by Artificial intelligence. Since AI is moving...

CISA Urged Discourse Users to Update Immediately For Patching an RCE Bug

CISA issued an emergency notice to all developers using Discourse, warning them to update the software to the latest version to patch an RCE...
Computer Programming Classes

8 Best Sites For Free Online Computer Programming Courses

Programming is the future of this world. Since everything today is getting digital, the need for programmers and developers is increasing rapidly. Therefore, free...
Free College Courses Online

8 Best Sites For Free College Courses Online

The importance of education is increasing over time, and so does its path. While the traditional learning system is yet on the game, we...
How to Unblur Course Hero

How To Unblur Course Hero Documents for Free

I found some absolutely amazing hacks using which you can unblur course hero. So, if you ever encountered blurred text while studying in Course...
LinkedIn Announced 6 Free Advertising Courses For Marketers

LinkedIn Announced 6 Free Advertising Courses For Marketers

LinkedIn has created a new platform called LinkedIn Marketing Labs to polish the knowledge of existing advertisers and onboard new ones. This contains six...

YouTube Video Explaining Trick to Access Free Udemy Courses, Tookdown with DMCA

ShareLearn, a YouTube channel that uploaded a video explaining a technique to access 6,000+ Udemy courses for free, was forced to pull down the...
Deep Learning

New York University Offers Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course For Free

The Center for Data Science of New York University has announced making Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course free. This course will be taught in...
OpenSSF Announced Free Courses for Secure Software Development

OpenSSF Announced Free Courses for Secure Software Development

The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), launched in August this year and hosted by Linux Foundation, has announced three free DevOps courses. These are...