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open source android apps

9 Best Open Source Apps For Android in 2021

Most of us are fed up with using mainstream applications on our Android devices. It is mainly due to increasing ads and complex user...
Free Open Source PDF Editors for Windows

12 Best Free Open Source PDF Editors for Windows & Mac

Are you looking for the best free, open-source PDF editor? Are you looking for a solution to edit your PDF documents for free? And...
Best Open Source Audio Editor

(12+) Best Open Source Audio Editor To Use in 2021

If you are a music guy, you definitely into audio editing software. You know when you need to edit audio for music, beats, etc.,...

5 Best Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tools in 2021

Open Source Intelligence or popular OSINT is an essential section in cybersecurity. Every cybersecurity expert, including the white, red, and black hat, know the...
Joe Biden Campaign Website Hacked by a Turkish Hacker

Most Hackers Use Open Source Tools in Their Cyber Attacks

Putting an end to the opinion-based discussions, a security researcher has surveyed to report how well the cybercrime groups are using the OST. The...
GitHub Alternatives

10 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects

Github is one of the most powerful and versatile platforms to host your projects. But since Microsoft has acquired GitHub, many people are now...
Foundation Asks Microsoft to Make Windows 7 Open Source

Foundation Asks Microsoft to Make Windows 7 Open Source

Windows 7 is truly a loved OS than any other among users. Though Windows 10 and Linux are provided with more features as MacOS...
Google Play Store

Aurora Store: An Open-Source Appstore Mirroring Google Playstore

What forked from a Yalp store originally to become a mirror of Google's Playstore - Aurora Store, is getting a big design update soon....

TeamTNT Malware Upgraded to Use Open-Source Tool to Evade Detection

TeamTNT, a cryptojacking malware that targets exposed Docker APIs, has gained a new capability of hiding its malicious processes. As spotted by researchers at...
OAndBackupX: A New Open-source Android Tool for Data Backup

OAndBackupX: A New Open-source Android App for Data Backup

One of the members of XDA developers has forked an open-source back-up tool to create a modern one. Named as OAndBackupX, this was taken...

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