Novel Coronavirus is harsh in China, affecting the nation with more deaths than any other. While there are researchers actively trying for a vaccine to cure, the homegrown companies have made their contribution too. A research institute under Alibaba made an AI that’s capable of detecting Coronavirus under just 20 seconds, that too with 96% accuracy! This was trailed and being used already in 100+ hospitals across China as of now.

While China is responsible for breaking out this virus, it’s trying best to jeopardize it too. An institute under the homegrown giant Alibaba has made a breakthrough that’s seriously helpful for hardworking doctors. An AI developed by Alibaba’s research institute Damo Academy is now capable of determining Coronavirus by differentiating the CT scans taken from suspects and normal people.

detect coronavirus in seconds
Detect Coronavirus in Seconds

Confirming under 20 seconds with 96% accuracy!

Researchers said the AI was trained based on 5,000 samples of confirmed cases. This enables the AI to detect the virus from chest CT scans taken from infected patients and general viral pneumonia cases, that too, with 96% accurate! Further, it even includes the latest treatment guidelines. This is good for now, as it can speed up to the diagnosis process.

A doctor would generally take at least 5-15 minutes to study the reports or scans and confirm a case. While the Alibaba’s AI system can do it under 20 seconds, letting the doctor to start diagnosing immediately if confirmed positive. This was first introduced in Qiboshan Hospital of Zhengzhou, and have been serving more than 100 hospitals in Hubei, Guangdong and Anhui provinces.

The National Health Commission of China has recently added the CT scan checking on top of nucleic acid test to verify the virus and ensure the clinical symptoms. The same research institute of Alibaba has previously invented a public services health tool that provides information about the SARS-CoV-2. And there’s yet another company as Ping An that does smart image reading to detect the virus under 15 seconds and is helping hundreds of medical institutions.

Via: Nikkei Asian Review


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