Nowadays, video editing apps are enormously powerful since they are designed with loads of features to fulfill the growing demand for video creation. 

Whether you need the app to create a work-related video or an amateur one, you will have abundant options. Some of the Android apps have amazing tools to provide you with incredible results with a little effort.

What Has Made The Video Editing Apps Outstanding?

A number of features have made the apps for video editing necessary for both beginners as well as experienced videographers. 

  • The advanced, user-friendly features let users create videos with professional-looking touch, even if they are just starting out as a videographer.
  • Clear interface, ease of use, and satisfying output are some of the exciting properties of these apps. Playstore is the most popular platform used in smartphones and tablets worldwide.
  • To make the videos more interesting, you can add music, various soundtracks, and also themes. This way, your video becomes more effective and interactive too.
  • Do you want to highlight any of the portions? Use zoom. If you do not like any part of the video, you can trim it or delete it permanently.
  • The video editing apps will let you make both HD or high definition and SD or standard definition quality videos. Mixing two different videos is also possible using these apps.

In this blog, we will be discussing the best Android apps that you must give a try to nurture your creativity. With these apps, you will become an excellent amateur videographer very soon just by practicing a little.

List of Best Android Apps For Video Editing

While there are hundreds of Android apps for creating video content, which ones will be your cup of tea? The following five apps have a high demand in the market today. So, without further ado, let’s check them out.

1.) Filmic Pro

This app is one of the best in focusing assist and lightning check of the videos. It comprises of all the professional features like manual controls, zebra stripes, and log Gamma curve. 

Zebra stripes help with focus peaking and exposure. The log Gamma curve recording helps you in managing the color grades later. The frame rates vary between 24 and 240. 

It comes with a superb audio recording feature containing professional tools and granular controls. Instagram video editor from InVideo can act as an add-on to make the videos incredible. 


Whether you are an amateur or professional in videography, this app is a must-have. Shutter angle, exposure waveform, as well as color vectorscope operating in real-time – all these features have made it suitable for videographers. 

Frame rates start at 3fps and end at 240fps. It comes with a huge option for recording audio, such as audio monitoring passthrough. You can connect it to the lightning port of iPhones to get audio recording support. 

When it comes to shooting features, there is focus peaking for correct focus, false color for maintaining the range and exposure. There are also zebra bars, time code, and bit rates that vary between 10 Mbit per second and 100 Mbit per second. 

Download it free, but remember it might add watermarks to videos. To remove this, you can use a free outro maker

3.) Cinema FV-5

This android app makes video recording super easy for everyone. If you are a novice and do not want to follow any videography course, use this app for easy recording. 

It comes with the detailed viewfinder, superb audiometers, and live histograms, zoom for perfect rewording and also focus adjustment feature. Hardware mapping features can be customized according to your need. 

This app also offers you some other features like bitrate range, various video, and audio codec. 

4.) Open Camera

Even though this app was made for still pictures, it has made a mark as an excellent video app too. This completely free app supports many professional features like manual focus, Camera2 API, ISO, white balance as well as exposure. 

It comes with various modes for video recording such as RAW capture, exposing burst mode, and last but not least slow-motion video. The lock orientation feature is quite flexible. Thus, users find it very easy to use.

This useful app also has a GUI that lets you take pictures of all the angles. The video command and sound detectable features are also amazing. 

However, the interface is quite unappealing as this is made from the off-the-shelf parts. The Camera2 API function is limited, as well. 

5.) ProMovie Recorder

This app has many similarities with both Filmic Pro and Mavis. However, it does not have a clear interface like those two. Thus, if you are doing videography as a hobby or you are new to this field, this app is perfect for you. 

The features include adjusting bitrate, manual controls, color temperature controls, and both 3k and 4k recording. Moreover, it comes with both white balance calibration using gray cards and presets, ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation feature. 

You can control the exposure point and focus point separately. Rotate the video whenever you need it. The stereo recording quality is good. 

For monitoring the audio, you need to use external microphones. The features of audio gain control and audio level indicator on-screen are fantastic. 

The indicator for screen brightness works perfectly. You can compose the videos easily with the help of the cropping guides as well as grids. Get a clear view when using the full-screen mode. 

The Bottomline

Making videos is easy, provided you have the right app. Suppose you are an amateur in this field but have a plan to impress your friends with some breathtaking video clips, choose any of the Android apps from the above list. These apps will surely help you a lot to reveal your creative skills. 

Are you not convinced? Then why not opt for any of them? Undoubtedly, you will get so much appreciation from your close ones and be inspired to excel in this new genre.

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