Apple has long been prioritizing its FaceID biometric system for unlocking phones. While that’s being major, many iPad’s and old iPhones are still running on fingerprint tech till today. Recently, the company has patented a developed form of fingerprint sensor that would unlock the phone more securely, as Apple desired.

While everyone’s expecting that Apple would settle its devices with our FaceID unlocking system, the Cupertino based company has patented a developed tech which could be soon introduced into its products.

Apple Got Patents for His New Optical Fingerprint Sensor
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Available, But Not In iDevices!

The tech we’re talking here is already available in most of the phones out there. Many Android phones under $300 are featuring this tech and are exceptionally well-performing. Apple entering the race now wouldn’t make it last, as it’s using a new technology called Optical Fingerprint Sensor.

A patent filed in 2017 at US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reads, “Electronic device including sequential operation of light source subsets while acquiring biometric image data and related methods”, which simply translates to, Apple’s new sensor tech is capable of reading the grooves and furrows of a fingerprint when pressed against a screen.

This happens by throwing light (optic) at the finger and collecting the biometric data and verifying it with the predetermined set. This happens in a fraction of the second! On the other hand, unlike Apple’s optical tech, Qualcomm has already developed an ultrasonic tech-based fingerprint scanner, which is, obviously, used by most of the Android OEMs.

Just after settling a multi-billion dollar lawsuit earlier this year, Apple couldn’t be relying on Qualcomm for its ultrasonic screen fingerprint technology. Considering this, Apple should be getting this technology as soon as possible so to stay in this feature-competitive industry.

optical screen fingerprint
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Rumors are that, unlike other OEMs who’re featuring this tech only onto a specified area, Apple would be using this on a larger portion of the screen. This lets the user unlock by pressing his finger on most part of the screen, instead of pressing on the specified circle as others.

The patent which was granted today was said to be using already in its latest 16″ MacBook Pro. The company is expected to be implanting this tech in its iPhones of 2020. Aside from them and MacBooks, fans would appreciate much if it’s set into Apple to watch too, as it isn’t easy to unlock the gadget every time with just a PIN!


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