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Aritra Sen is the CEO of DigitalHawk and Eduneer and is an avid reader, coder and a tech geek. He has had varied experience in this realm has developed many apps on several platforms. He is a digital marketing expert who always keeps up with the latest trends of the industry and loves to meet people and connect
Dark Sky for Android Makes a Stunning Return From The Dead

Dark Sky for Android Makes a Stunning Return From The Dead

Far this year, Apple procured Dark Sky, a mainstream hyperlocal climate application accessible on iOS and Android. With the securing, the Dark Sky application...
Microsoft Edge

User Accuses Microsoft Edge to be a Malware

With Microsoft's emphasis on its users to switch to the Edge browser, several are irking this behavior of the tech giant. There are various...

iOS 14 Instagram Users Raise Cry Over “Camera On” Notification Bug

Social Media and data privacy are the top keywords connected to data security and privacy protection these days. With Facebook taking over Instagram and...
FaceID in Macs To Become A Reality

Apple News: FaceID in Macs To Become A Reality

The MacOD Beta Version will now be equipped with FaceID for further biometric security, as claimed by sources. Apple first introduced the initial rolling...
China Blocks Indian Websites

China Blocks Indian Websites And Newspapers After 59 Chinese Apps Get Banned in India

China retaliates to the novel step taken by the Indian government of banning Tik Tok and several other applications. In no small measure, the...
Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls Jeff Bezos a copycat

Elon Musk Calls Jeff Bezos Copycat after Amazon Buys Zoox

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted out, calling Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a copycat. He also attached a link to the article stating the...
Reddit Server is Down and Became Talk of the Town Now

Reddit DOWN: Not Working, Service Unavailable (Error 503) Outage

Reddit is one of the most famous forums with users from across the world. This one is one of the biggest issues that Reddit...
Nintendo Switch Online Data Breach

Nintendo Switch Online: Company Disclosed Huge Data Breach of 160k Players

The gaming and entertainment giant confirms the biggest hack into its servers in years. The Japanese firm has lost millions of dollars worth of...
The inventor of the Game of Life has Died

Founder of the “Game of Life,” John Conway Has Died Due to COVID-19

John Conway, succumbed while fighting against COVID-19, at the age of 82. A mathematician by profession, with accomplishments and major accreditations from Princeton University,...
Coronavirus Epidemic Now Puts Stress on VPN Servers Too

COVID-19: Coronavirus Epidemic Now Puts Stress on VPN Servers Too

With coronavirus' spreading fear and chaos, companies are now shifting bases and encouraging employees to work from home. With IT companies, this is a...

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