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Aritra Sen is the CEO of DigitalHawk and Eduneer and is an avid reader, coder and a tech geek. He has had varied experience in this realm has developed many apps on several platforms. He is a digital marketing expert who always keeps up with the latest trends of the industry and loves to meet people and connect
Cisco Security

Cisco Security Appliances Threatened By Old Bug Inside Servers

Cisco, the electronic equipment giant, is facing backlash in markets looking at problems in its servers. Security systems developed by Cisco are facing DoS...
GozNym Hackers

GozNym Hackers Sentenced by US Court for $100 Million Theft

Banking frauds and hacking is a regular thing in the US currently. The provisions of law relating to that are very strict. Recently, a...
TikTok Banned From US Navy Mobile Phones

TikTok Banned From US Navy Mobile Phones, Cause of Cybersecurity Threat

Social Media application TikTok is in the middle of another controversy as the United States Navy bans it from departmentally-issued phones. They fear that...
Wawa Stores Hit by Malware

Wawa Stores Hit by Malware that is Stealing Credit Cards Information

Credit Card fraud is a big issue in countries across Europe and America. Recently, retail stores and malls are involved in data fraud through...
Major European Countries Adopt Huawei's 5G Technology

Major European Countries Adopt Huawei’s 5G Technology

Chinese tech giant Huawei is all set with its 5G devices. After the recent spat between the US administration and Huawei, a majority of...
Cyber Attack Creates Problems On Gas Pump PoS Systems

VISA: Cyber Attack Create Problems On Gas Pump PoS Systems

There is a constant threat looming over the POS (Point-Of-Sale) of the North American fuel dispenser system. Moreover, the attack is supposedly carried out...

Hackers Breach into Helix IPTV: Threaten to Leak Customer’s Data

Pirate IPTV streaming providers "Helix" is currently in a bug fix as a data leak seems imminent. According to sources, Helix's website was hacked...
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Now Allow Users to Stream Movies and TV Shows Online

The Pirate Bay, an acclaimed Torrent site, is reportedly testing video streaming on its websites. The Pirate Bay faced a lot of backlash across...
SendGrid Legacy Accounts Used by Hackers to Steal Data in a HMRC Phishing Campaign

PlayStation Phishing Scam in Play: Fake Elder Scrolls Online Developers Wreak Havoc

Scammers are hiding their true identities as The Elder Scrolls Online developers. They are engaging themselves in sending personal Playstation private messages. These messages...
Linux Vulnerability

Attackers using Linux Vulnerability to Hijack VPN Connections

A new vulnerability has been found in the Linux operating system that allowed attackers to hijack VPN connections. Then inject random data payloads into...

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