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Spotify Wrapped 2019

Spotify Wrapped 2019: Stats to Let Users Know Their Music Trends

Spotify has crafted this year's Wrapped analytics for every one of their users. It showcases this data in its app and on the web...
Data Wiping Malware 'ZeroCleare'

IBM Detects New Iranian Data Wiping Malware ‘ZeroCleare’

A new malware that's capable of wiping the entire sensitive data of a nation's secrets is now said to be attacking few energy companies...
New macOS Threat

New macOS Threat: Affected by Cryptocurrency Trading Platform ‘Union Crypto Trader’

Not just the Windows OS, but MacOS is vulnerable too. It has found to be a victim of the infamous Lazarus group. A security...
Elementary OS Hera 5.1 Released

Elementary OS 5.1 Hera Released, An Updated OS of Juno

After a year-long of working, elementaryOS team has finally rolled out the new update of their customized Linux OS, the version 5.1. This was...

AWS Introduces Braket: Its Quantum Computing Service

Amazon's AWS has today introduced a new way of accessing the Quantum Computer's power. With the partnership of three quantum computing firms, AWS is...
Huawei Mate 30

Huawei Mate 30 Series Rising without US Components

The Chinese technology giant has done it anyway. Huawei, as per the reports from WSJ and other Twitter feeds, was successful in making its...
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

YouTube CEO Limits Her Children To YouTube Kids Only

In an interview of CBS 60 minutes show, YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki revealed that she limits their children watching time of YouTube. Further, she...

AWS DeepComposer: AI Based Musical Keyboard For Developers

AWS, Amazon's most lucrative business, has just unveiled a machine learning-enabled musical keyboard for developers. Being first of a kind this piano-type keyboard is...
Jack Dorsey Uses DuckDuckGo

Jack Dorsey Uses DuckDuckGo: Says Experience is Much Better Than Google

Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of famous micro-blogging platform Twitter, has announced a critical statement of using DuckDuckGo browser over famous Google. He even...
Huawei To Become Top Smartphone Brand Even without Google

Huawei To Become Top Smartphone Brand Even without Google

In a recent interview with CNN, Huawei's CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei believed his company to be surpassing his competitors soon and will rise...

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