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tiktok russia

TikTok Exploited Google Bug to Collect More User Data Than Permitted

As per reports from the Wall Street Journal, TikTok has collected Android user's data by circumventing Google's ad policies. It's defined as the app's...
Chrome Extensions Malware

Google Released Chrome Update to Patch CSP Bypass Bug

Researchers from Tencent and PerimeterX found a zero-day bug in Chromium browsers of Android, Windows and Mac. The issue is with Content Security Policy...
Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer Slashed With a Fine 0f $60 Million

Tor Network Connections Hijacked For Stealing Bitcoins

As per reports from a security researcher, about 25% of Tor's exit relays were controlled by a hacking group, who're trying to steal Bitcoins...
vBulletin Online Forums Zero-Day Exploited

vBulletin Online Forums Zero-Day Exploited For Taking Over Accounts

A security researcher has found a technique to bypass the patch provided for securing a zero-day bug in vBulletin, one of the largest online...
FBI Warns About Hackers Compromising Smart Devices For Swatting

FBI Warns About Iranian Hackers Exploiting BIG-IP Devices

The US FBI has passed an alert last week warning companies about attacks from Iranian cyberespionage groups. Though the official statement didn't name the...
Hackers Are Exploiting Publicly Disclosed Bugs Within 15 Minutes

ProctorU Confirmed Hack Into its Servers, Leaking 444,000 Records

ProctorU, an online invigilation software has now disclosed a data breach, after a hacking group leaked its stolen files. ProctorU confirmed the breach via...
Apple Defends an Indian Lawsuit Alleging Market Abuse

Apple Blocks Xbox and Stadia Apps on iOS Store With Strict Policies

Apple seems, or as definitely accused by Microsoft, is blocking the cloud-based gaming apps on its Appstore. This led to Google's Stadia and Microsoft's...
USA spying on its citizens

US Government Spying on Millions of Citizens Intentionally

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, the US government is allegedly tracking million of its citizens through their smartphones. This is explained...
have i been pwned

Have I Been Pwned Site to go Open-Source For Better Development

Have I Been Pwned, a site that tells whether our online passwords are compromised or not, is now going open-source. The maker of this,...

US Sanctions to End Flagship Chips For Future Huawei Smartphones

As per Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei's consumer business, the upcoming Mate 40 will be the last smartphone to equip the company's high-end...

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