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Spotify Phishing Attack

Spotify Phishing Attack Lures Customers to Submit Their Sensitive Card Info

While there are many tricks of getting customers data, a new team of hackers is luring customers with a phishing site and asking them...
Snatch Ransomware

Snatch Ransomware Reboots System to Sneak in Windows Computers

Snatch Ransomware, the new ransomware in the town is successful in sneaking into Windows PC by a typical method of Safe Mode rebooting to...

Latest Samsung Galaxy S11 Images Leaked Online

Samsung's Galaxy S11 is the next flagship series coming from the South Korean company. While it's expected to launch officially in February next year,...
Siri Interrupts a BBC's Weatherman and Disagrees with His Forecast

Siri Interrupts a BBC’s Weatherman and Disagrees with His Forecast

Viewers and the host of BBC Weather has today witnessed a funny moment that took place on live TV. As the meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker...
Now You can Stream Disney+ On Linux Computers

Now You can Stream Disney+ On Linux Operating Systems

Disney+ is running successfully since its launch, but only to general Android and Mac users. It's leaving Linux users from its ecosystem by making...

FBI Recommends Citizens To Secure Their Smart TVs and IoT to Avoid Hacking

North America's FBI on its Tech Tuesday publication, has recommended every citizen to secure their Smart TVs and IoT devices to the latest updates...

New MacOS Malware Using ‘Fileless’ Technique to Remain Stealthy

North Korean backed Lazarus Group is said to be attacking macOS users in a different way this time by going clueless to Antivirus checkers....
The Pirate Bay Modifies Its Onion Domain

The Pirate Bay Modifies Its Onion Domain to an Easy One

Famous torrent site The Pirate Bay has just formed a new dark web site, or to say, modified its current hard-memorizing onion link to...
Spotify Wrapped 2019

Spotify Wrapped 2019: Stats to Let Users Know Their Music Trends

Spotify has crafted this year's Wrapped analytics for every one of their users. It showcases this data in its app and on the web...
Data Wiping Malware 'ZeroCleare'

IBM Detects New Iranian Data Wiping Malware ‘ZeroCleare’

A new malware that's capable of wiping the entire sensitive data of a nation's secrets is now said to be attacking few energy companies...

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