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Silence iPhone While Ringing

8 Ways to Reject or Silence iPhone While Ringing

Here is a guide for you about rejecting or silencing iPhone while ringing. If you are at a class or work, a phone ringing...
Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone – 2 Best Ways

This guide will check out how to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone. Normally, when you take a screenshot, the section of the page...
Find Someone Elses iPhone When its Lost

How to Find Someone Else’s iPhone When its Lost?

In this guide, I have talked about how to find someone else's iPhone when it is lost. We know that iOS has the feature...
Mail App Disappeared from iPhone How to Restore

Email App Disappeared from iPhone? How to Find & Restore It

Has the Mail app disappeared from your iPhone? And you want to restore it? Then we have curated this informative guide to find and...
How to Fix Autocorrect not Working on iPhone

7 Ways to Fix Autocorrect Not working on iPhone and iPad

Is the autocorrect feature not working on your iPhone? Then check our guide for the necessary troubleshooting tips to fix the issue. Autocorrect helps...
samsung smart tv not connecting to WiFi

14 Ways to Fix Samsung Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Is your Samsung Smart TV not connecting to WiFi? Then check this guide out to learn the various tips and tricks to fix the...
Resize the iPhone Keyboard

How to Resize iPhone Keyboard in [year]

Want to resize the iPhone keyboard? Then check this guide to make the iPhone keyboard large or small on your iPhone. Usually, people have...
Create a Contact Group on iPhone

Create a Contact Group on iPhone – Best Way ([month] [year])

In this guide, I will show you how to create a contact group on iPhone. iPhone contact groups come in handy for sending the...
Search Messages on iPhone and iPad

How to Search Messages on iPhone & iPad (iOS 16)

This guide lets us know how to search for messages on iPhone and iPad. With so many apps for connecting with friends and colleagues,...
cant leave a group chat on iPhone

Can’t Leave a Group Chat on Your iPhone? What To Do?

Can't leave a group chat on your iPhone? Then this guide will help you with a few tips and tricks to leave the group...