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A 23 years old Tech Enthusiastic, Passionate Blogger, SEO-Expert. Content Writer from INDIA. who writes about How to Guides, Android Tricks, Facebook and other Hacking Tips & Tricks. A Problem-Solving guy and helping hand for fellow bloggers and friends. You can find him on Below Social Media Profiles

Tesla Vs Ford F-150 Rematch After Elon Musk’s Tweet

“The match was not two peas in a pod,” said ford. All’s fair in love and tug-of-war? After revealed the new cybertruck of Tesla...
Uber Kick Out By Transport for London as it not following their Criteria

Uber Kick Out By Transport for London as it not following their Criteria

As said by a TFL spokesperson, “Despite addressing some of these issues, TFL does not have confidence that similar issues will not reoccur in...
Windows 10 1909 Update Blocked on PCs running AVG/Avast Antivirus

Windows 10 1909 Update Blocked on PCs running AVG/Avast Antivirus

In case you are hoping to introduce either Windows 10 1903 or Windows 10 1909 (the May 2019 & the November 2019 Updates), and...
National security advisor warns Canada against Huawei’s 5G

Trump’s National Security Consultant cautions Canada against Huawei’s 5G

Donald Trump’s national security counsellor has given a critical admonition to Canada about Chinese telecom mammoth Huawei, saying Ottawa should dismiss the company’s arrangement...
A Chance to Win $1-Plus Who can Hack Titan M Security Chip: Google

A Chance to Win $1M Plus Who Can Hack Titan M Security Chip: Google

The Android bug bounty program was expanded by the company. It is one of the recent moves to ramp up the security of mobile....
Allied Universal Affected by Maze Ransomware

Allied Universal Affected by Maze Ransomware, 10% of Stolen Data Leaked

700 MB of data, as well as files stolen from security staffing firm Allied Universal by the group behind Maze Ransomware, was published because...

Apple is Stressing Bugs in the Latest iOS 14

The way of fixing the software by the Apple Inclusive will be focused carefully. Few changes revealed by the company that includes the software...
The speedy-selling game of Nintendo Switch is Pokemon Sword and Shield

Speedy Selling Games of Nintendo Switch: Pokémon Sword and Shield

Since the release of this game, it gained popularity and had a great start with more than six million copies within a week. On...

Apple Maps Update Extensively in Western, Midwestern United States: Apple News

An application, which is known as Apple Map, was introduced by Apple Inclusive on September 19th, 2012. After a few years, in June 2018,...
Disney+ Accounts being Hacked and Put on Sale on Forums

Disney+ Accounts Hacked: Hackers Sharing Disney Plus Accounts on Reddit

The online video streaming service of Disney named Disney+ was launched a few days ago. Hackers have started to hack user accounts on Disney+...

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