Are you looking for a method to Find the DNS Server that you are using? Or are you trying to find a method to change your DNS Adress temporarily? Then, my dear friend – you are in the right place because Today I am going to share some technical methods & tricks which you can use to know your current DNS server settings in your operating system.

I have divided the article into 4 main parts, where you can find methods for each of the operating system that is available out there. Although, the article is not guaranteeing to cover all of the several distributions of the Linux distros. but, Still, the method will work most of the time. If we are missing something in the article. please let me know about it in the comments field below.

What DNS Server You Are Using
What DNS Server You Are Using

Find Out What DNS Server You Are Using

DNS Server is always very essential part of the Network, which is usually provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Similar to the IP address, the DNS Server address is a local hardware address. This helps the data to quickly reach and identify your device. Let’s have a look at the various methods for different Operating systems. I hope, this will help you in knowing Which DNS Setting you are using?

#1 What DNS Server Am I Using on Windows 10/8/7

There are two ways by which you can Know your Current DNS Settings. And, in both ways, we are going to use the command prompt. Because it is easy to copy/paste some commands and know the result. then, following some instructions to know the thing. So, Copy the following command and, paste on the Black screen. You’ll get what you are looking for.

Ipconfig /all | Find "DNS Servers"



#2 What DNS Server Am I Using on Mac & Linux

Similar to the Windows Method, You can also know Your DNS server address and settings with the command line (CMD for Mac and Linux). All you need to do is – Use the Same Command that is told in the previous Windows method. nslookup command is common among the WIndows, Mac 7 Linux platform. So, you can simply use it on all of the platforms.


#3 What DNS Server Am I Using on iOS

In iOS, you need to use an external application that will help you in knowing more about your DNS Settings and the DNS address. And, the name of the application is Network Analyser. Simply download and install it in your device and Find the option saying “DNS Server IP“.

#4 What DNS Server Am I Using on Android

Android is becoming a big market these days, And as it is almost like a small computer in your pocket. So, DNS Server settings can also be changed and analyzed form your android device. Like, iOS – in android device, you also need to install a third-party application Network Info II. Just install and run the application and everything you want to know will be in front of your eyes.

From the Editor’s Desk

So, that is all about Knowing the DNS Server. And, I hope that you will now know, how to find an alternate DNS server? If you still have any doubt or you want to suggest me anything new that I can add in the article. then, Please let me know about it in the comments field below. I’ll be very happy to help you out. Thanks for your time and faith. I’ll see you in the next article.


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