The Snapshot feature in Google can now be trigger using Google’s Voice assistant, as the maker has added support for this today. It says users can call out as “Hey Google, show me my day” to view the log of events and suggestions of their day, and plan things accordingly.

Further, other features like informing about upcoming birthdays, recommendations on cooking recipes, commute timings, etc will be informed.

Hey Google, Show Me My Day!

Google is polishing its Snapshot feature to be more productive, as it has just introduced support for activating it through the voice assistant. Users on both Android and iOS can now call out as Hey Google, show me my day to trigger the Snapshot feature, which would otherwise be activated by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of Assistant like now.

Hoping that you’re running on the latest OS and having the required apps updated, it should be a breeze to check out your agenda through the Snapshot. It was introduced to help you keep up with your tasks and plan things accordingly.

Google says the Snapshot will be customized according to the environment like you’ll be suggested about headlines, commute timings, and route, weather forecast in the morning.

Google Snapshot Feature Can be Activated via Voice Assistant
Image Via Engadget

Similarly, dinner recipes at night time, turning all devices before sleeping, etc. It will keep a long on your interests, places you visit, etc to suggest the best restaurants to try out nearby, new recipe recommendations, etc.

Users who set their default language as English can now activate the Snapshot through voice command as said above, and it would be supporting other languages soon as per Google.