Things like social networks, web series, movies, etc., have drastically increased our screen time. These things disrupt our productivity and play a major role in affecting our cognitive development.

If we sometimes plan to enhance our brain activity, we tend to think of only books and physical exercises. In the quest of ditching the internet and finding offline solutions, we forget to acknowledge the benefits of mathematical games and puzzles in boosting our brainpower.

When we solve such problems and puzzles, we look at many ways to achieve the results. This process forces us to think differently, which makes a miraculous impact on our brain. Here are few ways how maths games and puzzles improve our brain activity.

Activate Both Sides of Our Brain

Our right side of the brain is involved with visualization and creativity, and the left side is for logical thinking. When we play puzzles like the 2048Arena or solve other mathematical puzzles, both sides of the brain get engaged. This results in the growth of our abilities related to the respective sides. Better neural connections are formed in our brain, which is great for its robust functioning.

Conceptual Clarity  and Problem Solving Skills

As solving a puzzle or maths problem includes many steps, people need to know the concepts perfectly. So, doing such activities changes our brain for good. It makes us look at our problems pragmatically and step by step with more patience.

While playing maths games and solving puzzles, we try different things and fail. In this process, we learn to deal with all aspects of the problems, and our mind is trained in handling failures and look beyond them.

Our brain muscles also get equipped to try unique approaches to get the desired solution to the problems.

Improves Reasoning and Critical Thought

There can be many ways to look at a problem or a solution. But most of the time, our brain jumps to conclusions and interprets the worst. When we learn to analyze and evaluate the problems, we reach smart solutions.

Playing mathematical games and solving puzzles daily trains you to look at things with logic. We also get better at explaining our decisions and understanding others’ decisions.

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Improve Memory

While engaging in mathematical activities and puzzles, we have to remember all the steps. It leads to the formation of new brain connections that are, in turn, helps in enhancing our memory retention capacity. Solving puzzles daily can improve our short-term memory to a great extent.

Enhance mood

When we solve problems, dopamines are released in our brain. This dopamine in our brain helps you counteract depression, reduces pain perception, and makes you feel more lively.

For brains to function properly, we need to be stress-free. We go into a meditative state when we involve ourselves in maths games and puzzles. This improves our mood, and we develop a better mindset without the burden of nervousness and anxiety.

Improve IQ score

As there is a range of benefits associated with mathematical games, like improvement in memory, concentration, critical thinking, etc., your IQ score is bound to improve.


Though maths as the subject does wonders for our brain muscles and form better neural connections, not all of us really enjoy studying it. Maths puzzles and other such brain games offer us cognitive improvement chances with fun elements.

These were some ways to solve puzzles and play maths games to improve our brain activity. Our memory and responsiveness also see some positive changes in these games’ light.


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