iPhone 11 and 11 Max molds leaked confirming rumors that the handset will have the triple camera set up in the rear end. According to these molds, the cameras are placed in an unusual square which is looking weird. These are the molds that are sent to the phone case manufacturers so that they can design the cases in advance and the people who saw this leaked design has termed this mobile as “ugly.” Slashleaks was the one that first posted these images.

Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max don’t have a home button- according to the leaks

If they are legitimate, the previously circulated rumors of Apple containing triple camera setup are true.  There is no home button in these modules either. The triple camera layout is pretty unusual and so is the location of the Apple logo. On iPhone 11 molds, the logo was found pretty close to the camera set up while in iPhone 1 Max it is located at the center.

Image Credits – https://pixabay.com/users/kropekk_pl-114936/

On the front end, the mobile has the most familiar notch which Apple has incorporated in iPhone X. If these molds are real, there are so many people who will be disappointed due to the lack of touch ID and home button. The placing of the Apple logo is very suspicious because Apple never incorporates its logo onto the molds in order to prevent leaks. So, most of the experts are claiming that these molds are fake.

The present leaked design of the phone is pretty disappointing for most of the people and all the Apple lovers out there want this news to be fake only. The original source of this news is the Chinese social networking platform Weibo.


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