Studies from experts reveal that iPhones are the ones that possess more risk of being hacked than any other phone. Further, British are interested in hacking other Instagram accounts in apps hacking category.

Statistics are better than assumptions. Considering this fact, Case24, a popular phone case maker from Britain has analysed the search volumes of people interested in hacking phones and resulted in astonishing stats.

iPhones Are The Easily Hackable Phone
Image by Public Domain Pictures

A report from the Royal Society of Arts said that smartphones are the to devices at risk of being hacked or attacked. This was reasonable as, considering the population to smartphone owning ratio, attackers can easily hit bounties if they successfully infect phones with bugs/malware.

Brand Value = Prone Value?

The reports are surfaced by goodtoknow, where it said, hackers/people are much more interested in hacking iPhones than any other brand. The search volumes of this is about massive 10,040, which is far superior than others in the list. Secondary interests are of Samsung’s with 700 search volume, followed by Huawei (200), LG (90), Nokia (70) etc. Sony is the least interesting brand for hacking with around 60 searches.

Top Apps

Aside these, the study also focused on apps hacking interests too. This revealed around 12,400+ British are interested in hacking someone’s Instagram account! This was followed by Snapchat (7380), WhatsApp (7100) and YouTube (1950) in the next places. At the bottom, Netflix is the least interested one amongst people to be hacked with low as 750 searches on how to hack it.

It may seem like an unreasonable study by considering just the search factor and limited territory, but this gives a glance which phones are highly prone to hack.