Late last year, MediaTek officially announced its first flagship gaming SoC, the Helio G90. After this, Redmi Note 8 Pro took a chance on the chipset and was applauded by critics and users for its gaming performance. The chipset was able to out-perform and give better power efficiency in comparison to Snapdragon 730G.  Now, the company has taken its chipset a step further with the introduction of “Helio G80.” The new SoC was officially released last month and is cited as a more affordable solution for gamers.

Helio G80 Specifications:

The SoC is built on the 12nm node and offers an Octa-Core CPU with 2x Cortex-A75 cores clocked at 2.0GHz. While the other cluster works on 6x Cortex-A55 cores ticking at 1.8GHz. As we can see, G80 specs are quite similar to G70 but have a higher clock frequency. Other similarities between G70 and G80 are the Mali-G52 GPU, but the new chipset has a higher frequency. As the G70 clocks a maximum of 820MHz while G80 boasts up to 950Mhz GPU.

MediaTek Announced Helio G90, a Gaming Chipset For Mid-Rangers
MediaTek Announced Helio G90, a Gaming Chipset For Mid-Rangers

Another returning feature of the G-series is MediaTek’s proprietary technology – HyperEngine. HyperEngine also automatically switches between LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity during online gameplay is the phone is running on a slow internet connection. This adds a much needed stable gameplay performance, which actively balances the CPU and GPU performance without heating anything. There is also an in-built Voice Wakeup feature, which lowers power consumption during voice assistant.

Which Phone will have G80?

Although both G80 and G70 have been unveiled to the public but new handset won’t launch until late February in India.  While the International market has to wait until March. Seeing how much successful Xiaomi and MediaTek last handset was, we can see Xiaomi using G70 and G80 in their upcoming Redmi 9 and Note 9 series.


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