A new Malware system is in the market affecting Android phones all over the world. Approximately 25 million phones have fallen prey for this Malware. This Malware replaces the WhatsApp and other apps in mobile with an evil version where you can see advertisements, etc.

The cybersecurity researchers have warned about this issue and are spreading awareness among the users. This Malware is called as agent Smith.

Agent Smith targets the vulnerability in past Android Versions

Malware Hidden in WhatsApp
Image Credits – https://mediaindia.eu

The older versions had some vulnerabilities and those are this new Malware is taking advantage of them. You have to update your mobile with the latest Android version and security patch in order to be safe from any threats.

Most of these victims are from India. Around 15 million smartphones from India are affected due to this Malware. And the US, as well as the UK, follows the list with 300,000 and 137,000 mobiles getting affected.

Chinese Alibaba company’s 9Apps, a third party play store is the main reason for the spread of this Malware. The official Google play store isn’t affected due to it. This Malware can hurt a device in more than one way. The Malware is hidden in the popular apps and displaying unnecessary ads is the tip of the iceberg. It is capable of hurting the mobile in so many ways that you cannot even imagine.

When the users download any photo utility or adult app from the play store, this Malware enters the mobile in the form of an update. It won’t show any icon on the home screen but starts spreading over a wide variety of apps. From WhatsApp to Opera, you will find malicious ads in all the apps.


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