OnePlus has made some major announcements this week. They have given a clear idea about the release date and also given insights about handset’s design. It has been a tradition for OnePlust to sell launch tickets to its fan community only so that they can bring the love and excitement into the room. The company did the same thing this time by selling tickets only for OnePlus fans community.

Company Released Several Spoilers in the Name of Marketing

OnePlus is Coming with Advanced Technology in its Latest OnePlus 7 Pro, Company Confirmed
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The graphic image that was posted on Twitter clearly shows that the mobile is equipped with a triple camera at the rear end. This time the company designed invitations in a different way. The invitation looks like an origami card and two information cards will pop out from the card cover. This pop out invitation card is an indication that the mobile consists of a pop out selfie camera. OnePlus is preparing the audience for their surprises in this OnePlus seven series.

The image on this invitation cover gives away the look of the phone. OnePlus took a lot of care while releasing these leaks by dropping subtle hints for fans. According to the image on invitation cover, the mobile has curved glass and a curved screen. There is apparently no chin for this new mobile at all, the screen to body ratio is going to be much bigger.

Mobile specifications leakage in the market is pretty common these days. In order to keep the anticipation up, OnePlus is giving out spoilers to the audience making them guess more about the phone. These leaks are indeed helping it with marketing.


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