According to the report by security researchers, a high profile Russian and English speaking hackers group has managed to breach three most famous US antivirus firms. It has been said that they stole the sensitive source code of the AV software. The group is planning to sell this data for a whopping amount of $300,000.

Relax, Consumers Personal Data is Safe as Hackers Didn’t Wipe It

The customers can relax here because their personal data is completely safe. Names, email addresses or any payment information related to the consumers isn’t swiped from the database.

Russian Hackers Claim to Breach Three Prominent US Antivirus Firms
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This is where the good news ends because the hackers stole the code of antivirus software and the tools related to it. If this code falls into wrong hands, there may be some serious consequences. This code can be used in various ways to thwart the protection that consumers usually get with AV software.

Fxsmp is the name of this group and they have been selling sensitive information from high profile entities for a long time.  On April 24th, this Fxmsp has claimed that they have been working on this for more than three months in 2019. Finally, they got their hands on the code of AV software and its tools.

They extracted the source code from AI, antivirus and security plugins of the three companies. It also commented on the capabilities that these three companies possess and assess their efficiency.

The group shared screenshots and according to that, they stole 30TB data from three companies. Advintel hasn’t revealed the names of the antivirus companies due to security issues. They just stated that the victims are intimated about the issue.


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