Stack Overflow, the flagship site of Stack Exchange Network has fallen prey for a hacker’s attack. An unknown hacker got the authorization to access the production systems of the site on May 11, 2019. The site consists of 10 million registered users and 50 million visitors in a month. The site has been very popular among the programmers as they were able to discuss all the doubts they have with their fellow programmers.

No User Data has been Breached in this Hacker’s Attack, Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Attacked by Hackers, Yet No Sign of Imminent Breach
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Mary Ferguson, the Engineering VP of Stack Overflow has published a note confirming that the company site was breached and added that they didn’t find any evidence about it hackers getting access for customers account or details. Ferguson said that the attack happened on a weekend and confirmed that the hackers gained production access on 11th of May.

The company didn’t reveal the details about the hack clearly. How hackers were able to breach the stack overflow is still big suspense. They didn’t reveal the details about how effective this breach was either. The company said that their team is working on patching up the vulnerabilities.

As the situation is under investigation now, the company didn’t reveal any details about it. Ferguson confirmed that they will share all the details after the completion of the investigation. Hackers also attacked the Quora platform back in late 2018 and got access to some millions of user’s data.