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Meta Launched its Twitter-Rival App Called 'Threads', Globally

Meta Launched its Twitter-Rival App Called ‘Threads’, Globally

After much hype, Meta launched its Twitter-rival platform - Threads globally this week. Coming out as a branch of Instagram, Threads looks similar to...
Twitter to Let Only Verified Accounts to Vote in Polls

Bluesky Notes ‘Record Traffic’ After Twitter Blocks Unregistered Users

With Elon Musk restricting the tweet viewing ability, many users started barging towards the alternatives - Mastadon and Bluesky, which reported increased sign-ups during...
Meta Faces a Class-Action Lawsuit Over Privacy Violation in the US

Meta is Making a Twitter-Like Social Media App

Meta is reportedly working on a new social media app similar to Twitter - that's decentralized and allows users to share timely updates in...