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Clop Ransomware Starts Leaking Stolen Data on the Surface Internet

Clop ransomware, the perpetrator behind the MOVEit Transfer supply chain attacks, is now leaking the stolen data on the surface internet. Similar to BlackCat ransomware,...
Havoc: A New Open-Source C2 Framework For Hackers

Estée Lauder Confirms Ransomware Attack, Working on Remediation

Estée Lauder, a US-based cosmetics group, confirmed a ransomware attack on its infrastructure, disrupting some of its business operations. Two ransomware groups - BlackCat and...
Reddit Reported a Data Breach Incident Affecting PII of its Employees

BlackCat Ransomware Threatens to Leak 80GB of Reddit’s Data

Months after cyber-attacking Reddit, the BlackCat ransomware is threatening the social media company to leak its stolen data - after failing the ransom talks. As...