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KingMiner Botnet

Microsoft’s SQL Database Exploited by KingMiner Botnet For Cryptojacking

Cybersecurity team Sophos discovered a botnet named KingMiner, which targets server administrator account in Microsoft's SQL database with brute force attack. After finding a...
BlueKeep Vulnerability

BlueKeep Vulnerability Can Now Be Detected Easily With This New Scanning Tool

As BlueKeep Vulnerability is out there in the wild, many have left it unaddressed due to its gentle approach to date. This was warned...
Microsoft Urge Users to Update Windows Citing Recent 'BlueKeep Attack'

Microsoft Urge Users to Update Windows Citing Recent ‘BlueKeep Attack’

After an experience shared by Kevin Beaumont earlier this month, Microsoft, along with Marcus Hutchins, has studied the scope of hacks possible with BlueKeep...

Initial BlueKeep Vulnerability is Used for a Failed Cryptojacking Mission

It's expected, but not at this level. Since May this year, Microsoft has been warning users and enterprises to update their systems to avoid...

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