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KashmirBlack Botnet

KashmirBlack Botnet Exploits WordPress Sites For Mining Crypto

Researchers at Imperva has documented a botnet's operations called KashmirBlack, who were believed to be behind the attacks against WordPress, Drupal, and other CMS....
Malicious App in Google Playstore Used For DDoS Attack on ESET Website

Malicious App in Google Playstore Used For DDoS Attack on ESET Website

An app from Playstore named Updates for Android has served malware and grouped devices to launch a DDoS attack. This was reported by ESET...
An attacker has been hacking vulnerable D-Link devices since 2012, to download Anime videos from compromised bots.

Hacker Made an IoT Botnet Based on D-Link Devices to Download Anime Videos

Researchers at Forcepoint detailed an old botnet campaign called Cereals, where an attacker has compromised numerous D-Link devices just to download Anime videos! This...

Stantinko Botnet is Now Mining Cryptocurrency Through YouTube

Stantinko, the popular malware group that's infamous for infecting at least half a million computer around the world, has now added a new technique...
Mozi Botnet

Mozi Botnet is Actively Exploiting WiFi Routers To Launch DDoS Attacks

A new botnet in town is actively spreading its network using unpatched routers as D-Link, Huawei, Netgear etc. Called as Mozi, it's using telnet...
Cryptocurrency-mining botnet using an image of Taylor Swift

MyKings Botnet Is Hiding Its Malware Behind Taylor Swift’s Image

A popular botnet group is currently using the image of Taylor Swift to shield themselves from virus scanners. The objective of this methodology is...

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