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Arris Routers Have a Critical Bug That can be Exploited for RCE Attacks

Arris Routers Have a Critical Bug That can be Exploited for RCE Attacks

A security researcher found a critical vulnerability in Arris routers - that can let anyone with log-in access exploit it for remote code execution...

Microsoft Found 25 RCE Vulnerabilities in Various IoT and Industrial Systems

Researchers from Microsoft's Azure security team have disclosed several critical vulnerabilities in various IoT and industrial systems, which a remote hacker can exploit for...
Critical iOS Vulnerability

A Critical iOS Vulnerability Can Let Remote Hacker to Modify Users Email

Apple vulnerabilities are hard to find, but when did, they're astonishing. A new report from ZecOps revealed a critical vulnerability in the iOS Mail...
Windows 10 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Disclosed 7 Critical Windows 10 Vulnerabilities and Two Zero-day Exploit

Microsoft's regular monthly updates have just been released, patching over 133 vulnerabilities as across all its products in Windows 10. The release notes set...
WebADB: A New Web-Based Tool For Running ABD

Over 12,000 Apps Are Having Secret Backdoors Open For Exploitation

A research made by academicians at Ohio State University found astonishing results. This is regarding apps we see in our smartphones, which have backdoors...

OpenWrt Bug Affects Millions of Routers For a Possible RCE Attack

Millions of devices like home routers are vulnerable to a critical flaw, that may let any hacker execute malicious code. The flaw was discovered...

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