With the increasing popularity of digital platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, etc., more and more people are engaged in content creation and video editing. This is because videos are the best way to communicate with the mass today. And this is one of the major reasons for the excessively increasing demands of 4K/ HD video recordings.

People expect the best camera quality and the latest features available from their smartphones, cameras, tablets, etc. But no matter how good your recording quality is, a good and reliable video editor is a must. If you plan to work on content creation or like videography, a good video editor is essential.

And that’s exactly where VideoProc comes into the picture. VideoProc is a one-stop video processing software that comes with all the glorious features to take your videography to the very next level. Video editing, converting, recording, and video processing are now easier than ever.

What’s more impressive is VideoProc works seamlessly with all types of video shots on GoPro, Android smartphones, iPhone, DJI, Camcorder, and other 4K/ HD cameras. Here is a quick and honest review of the VideoProc Video Editing Software.

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VideoProc Video Processing Software Review

VideoProc is the only full GPU Accelerated Video Processing Software available in the market. As a result, you will get the fastest video processing performance on your machine.

It provides Level-3 hardware acceleration powered by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPU to deliver the best 4K/ 8K/ HDR video editing and transcoding without compromising quality. The best part about VideoProc is that it is still a lightweight video editing software despite its hardcore performance and high-end features.

VideoProc Features

Like any other video editing software, VideoProc has all the basic editing features. You can easily perform operations like cut, crop, merge, rotate/ flip, etc. Besides, VideoProc also provides diverse subtitle features.

You can enable/ disable subtitles, extract subtitles, choose language track, add external files, and so on. Apart from these, the most highlighted features of VideoProc are explained below in detail:

1.) VideoProc Recorder

VideoProc RecorderVideoProc comes with a powerful screen and webcam recorder that makes most of your recording simple and easy. It is a go-to option if you want to record your presentations, webinars, gameplays, Skype calls, and so on. You can also record screencasts, podcasts, online courses, blogs, etc.

It has 3 Recording modes that allow you to record your device screen along with voiceover, record directly from webcam or record both at the same time in picture-in-picture mode. In addition, the Greenscreen recording lets you apply the chroma key to remove your background and create a virtual overlay. And lastly, the Utility tools help you give proper shape to your recordings.

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2.) VideoProc Editor

VideoProc EditorBesides all the basic video editing tools, VideoProc also comes in an advanced editing toolkit that includes Video Stabilizer, Noise remover, Fix Fisheye, Add watermark, Make GIF, Make MKV, M3U8 Creator, and Video enhancer. In short, VideoProc organizes all the essential editing features in one place that are important to give your video the desired shape and looks.

3.) VideoProc Converter

VideoProc ConverterAdding more to its features, the quality-oriented high-speed media converter is worth a mention. VideoProc comes with a Video, audio, DVD converter, and A to B video conversion support. In addition, it surrounds 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats.

It features a highly advanced 4K video converter that can handle all complicated transcoding needs. Moreover, it probably comes with the best video compressor that can compress large-size videos by around 90%, maintaining a pixel-level difference.

4.) VideoProc Video Processing

VideoProc ReviewThe processing power of this software is indeed the most interesting and highlighted part of the entire VideoProc software. With its full hardware acceleration capability, VideoProc can increase the video processing power on your system by almost 47x real-time faster.

The complete GPU acceleration provides an external power in video processing and transcoding while simultaneously optimizing the file size and video quality. In addition, it speeds up the ability of video encoding and decoding to the next level.

5.) VideoProc Downloader

VideoProc DownloaderIn addition to all other features, the video processing software also features a built-in media downloader engine that comes with support for 1000+ video and audio sites. The downloader offers easy accessibility over a thousand UGC websites to effortlessly download videos, audio, and M3U8.

VideoProc Availability and Pricing

The video downloader is currently available for both Windows and macOS. You can download the VideoProc free trial version directly from the website. The full version of the software comes at a justifiable price.

VideoProc currently has 3 subscription plans for both Windows and macOS. You can get their one-year license for just $29.95 per year/ per PC. The Single PC Lifetime subscription comes at $37.95, and the family subscription comes for $57.95 lifetime/ 2-5 PC.

Buy Now

The premium plans are 100% secure and come with a lifetime free upgrade, priority-tech support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides, you can also find a few useful tips and tutorials on applying different editing tools to your videos.


A great video editor can make even a normally recorded video look like a professional one. Since nowadays, even our smartphones support 4K/ HDR video recordings, it’s a must to have a reliable video editor. Fortunately, VideoProc fulfills all the requirements with its exhilarating features and super processing speed.

Therefore, it can be considered an idle option for video recording, editing, converting, and downloading. Let us know your opinion on VideoProc. Also, share which video editor you use the most and what makes it so handy to use.


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