Back in 2017, a virus named Bickerbot has created a ruckus. This virus is the reason behind MTNL outage in Delhi back then. It also affected more than 60,000 BSNL modems across India. Now again a 14-year-old created new malware which can affect all the IoT and smart devices across the globe. A 14-year-old teenager who goes by the name Light Leafon has created a similar malware like Bickerbot.

New Malware is named Silex and It can ruin Technologically Advanced Devices

This new malware invented by Light Leafon has a similar payload of Bickerbot and it can ruin all the IoT devices and smart devices that you have at home. ZDNet is the first one to report this issue. The malware can literally make the IoT devices useless.

Light Leafon
Light Leafon

Similar to Bickerbot, this virus wipes out the storage of any device. It removes the entire network configurations and renders all the rules of the firewall. Finally, it destroys a device completely.

There is only one way to escape this firewall attack. The users have to remove the firmware of a device and reinstall it. This isn’t something that a person can do. Most users do not understand this process and people who are not technologically sound cannot get it. These people think that their system is malfunctioning and has some hardware issues.

When Light Leafon is contacted with the help of security researcher Ankit Anubhav, it has been revealed that there are some dangerous plans in his mind. He said that this Silex is based on Bickerbot and he is planning to add more destructive features to it. This teenager has some serious plans on how to hack the devices. Larry Cashdollar, the Akamai researcher is the first one to spot this malware