1. He invented a game Elon Musk created and sold a video game to a magazine when he was 12 years old. ‘Blastar,’ a space fighting game, was sold for $500 to PC and Office Technology magazine

2. Musk almost sold Tesla to Google According to Ashlee Vance, author of Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, Musk almost sold Tesla to Google for $11 billion in 2013.

3. His first startup was Zip2 Musk’s first business venture was the founding of Zip2, a company that provided newspapers with maps and business directories and was later sold to Compaq for $307 million.

4. Musk made a cameo on ‘The Simpsons’, The Big Bang Theory In 2015, Musk appeared as a guest on the popular television show The Simpsons. In the episode “The Musk Who Fell to Earth,”

5. Space Exploration Technologies Musk established Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, in 2002. Musk believed that humanity’s survival hinged on its ability to evolve into a multi-planetary species

6. Musk bought James Bond’s submarine car for close to $1 million Musk purchased James Bond’s classic submarine car at a London auction in 2013. The submersible Lotus Esprit featured in the 007 classic “The Spy Who Loved Me” was reportedly purchased for $968,000 by the SpaceX CEO.

7. Musk ran a nightclub to pay rent Musk and his roommate Andeo Ressi rented a large house and converted it into a nightclub while still students at the University of Pennsylvania in order to pay rent. According to Vogue

8. Musk was Robert Downey Jr’s inspiration for Tony Stark Did you know that in the 2008 film Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. based his character Tony Stark on Musk?

9. Musk started a school to teach his kids At SpaceX headquarters, Elon Musk runs a school called Ad Astra, which is Latin for “to the stars.” Musk’s children, as well as the children of some SpaceX employees, attend the school.

10. Musk is a fan of rapper Kanye West Kanye West, the famous rapper, is said to have inspired the billionaire CEO. “Everyone in this room is inspired by you – who are you inspired by?”