Russia Gets Hit With Cyberattack Using Its Own Ransomware

Analysis of files stolen during a cyberattack on Russia's space agency has revealed a savage burn against the Kremlin.

Hackers linked to Anonymous revealed last month they had stolen a bunch of files from the Roscosmos.

The group is called Network Battalion 65 – or NB65 – and they said that Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘no longer has control over spy satellites’.

To prove they had the goods, the hackers shared a tweet that claimed to be Roscosmos server information.

According to The Telegraph, some of the files that were downloaded from the server and uploaded to the internet have now been analysed.

One file's source code was made up of 66 per cent 'of the same code as that of Conti'

which was Russian cybercrime ransomware that wreaked havoc on IT systems around the world.

According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), Conti 'is a ransomware variant' that was first observed in early 2020.

The group who invented Conti used the ransomware to extort millions of dollars from the US and Europe when their cyberattacks targeted hospital and health services.

Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Conti Group has declared support for Vladimir Putin

Intezer Analyze has looked into the source code from the NB65 hack on Roscosmos and discovered the hackers have used Conti's medicine against them.