Microsoft’s first major deal was with IBM for their new computer’s operating system in 1980 which the company named PC DOS, the deal was a whopping $50,000.

November 1985 saw the first release of Microsoft Windows; Windows 1.0, a 16-bit system.

Bill Gates was officially the youngest billionaire when he reached this astounding feat in 1987 at the humble age of 31.

Gates’ famous property Xanadu 2.0 is supposedly worth a staggering $123 million as of 2017.

The renowned Windows Jingle, recognized across the world, was created for Windows 95 and was designed by musician Brian Eno.

Workers at Microsoft bring 1lb of M&Ms in to celebrate their time at the company on their anniversary for each year of employment. So if you work there for 10 years, that 10lb of chocolate!

Microsoft created the first smartwatch in 1994 with the Datalink 150. The watch, co-produced by Timex, required a PC running Windows 3.1 and over and was water-resistant to 100 meters, much more than any PC at the time.

The X in the name Xbox comes from Windows’ DirectX software that the O.S. uses for processing graphics.

Microsoft headquarters had 35 cafeterias with free candy and drinks for its employees with breakfast being served until 2 pm. One Café; the Café Redwest boasts an impressive 2,000 visitors a day.

Microsoft employee’s gender balance is at almost 3/4 male to female according to one list in 2015, the average software engineer gets $106,000.

The Microsoft Mouse was Microsoft’s first delve into the world of peripheral mice. The device released in 1983, came with any purchase of Microsoft Word.

Sonoma County California was the location of the most famous Windows desktop backgrounds; the field with a blue sky or “Bliss” to give its official name, the photo was taken in 1996.