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Notepad Tricks

10 Best Notepad Tricks & Hacks You Should Know

Notepad is one of the standard utility that comes with the Windows Operating System and has very useful for Users. You can do many...
How To Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

How To Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

The dark mode is the current demand from many users as it comes to a good software usability experience. The concept holds the same...

How to Fix USB Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10

Are you getting a problem with the USB Keyboard on your Windows computer? Don't worry; you are not the only one who is facing...

How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer

Do you know how to connect or set up Google Chromecast on a Windows computer? The process of connecting Chromecast is straightforward; you need...
Fix Generic PnP Monitor Problem on Windows 10

How to Fix Generic PnP Monitor Problem on Windows 10

Users have reported that their PnP Monitor doesn't work anymore, or it has many glitches. Some of them also reported that their Windows don't...

100+ Windows 10 Run Commands You Should Know

Are you looking for Windows 10 hidden tricks? Are you in search of hidden windows 10 Run commands shortcuts that will allow you to...

How to Check RAM Manufacturer Brand, Model and Other Specs in Windows 10

In today's world, whenever we want to check the speed of the computer, first of all, we talk about its RAM. RAM manufacturer brand...
Task Manager Alternatives

5 Best Task Manager Alternatives for Windows 10

Nearly everyone uses the Task Manager app in Windows, as it is an essential feature of the operating system. Windows users use Task Manager...
Fix Ss3svc32.exe

How to Fix Ss3svc32.exe on Startup Issue

I am a windows user just like most of the users out there. After Windows 1903 KB4517211 Update, I faced an Error named Ss3svc32.exe. Well, we...
Enable Floating Search Bar In Windows 10

How To Enable Floating Search Bar in Windows 10 ?

The floating search bar is a new function in Windows 10 designed to make the user experience much more usable for users. The design...

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