Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Mail

Yahoo’s owner, Verizon Media, started notifying users on removing the automatic email forwarding support for free users soon. The company has announced this decision earlier this month and started giving the date now, as of January 1st, 2020. It cited the reason for this decision is to better the security.

Removing Support Since Hackers Abuse it!

Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is a pioneer in the early internet days, where it inspired many big companies like Google, Alibaba, etc. While it’s having a bad time losing value, millions, if not billions of users in some of its services, still use it. And after changing several hands, Yahoo was finally taken by Verizon, which is the current owner.

Verizon earlier this month said it’s planning to stop serving the Yahoo Mail free users with automatic email forwarding service for good. The company is now alerting users in their mailboxes about this once again, with a fixed date of January 1st, 2020.

In said on its FAQ page, “We regularly evaluate our products and services against current security standards and have decided to remove this feature to help ensure free Yahoo Mail accounts remain secure.” This could be true since numerous reports are telling that hackers are abusing this feature.

They were reported to be hacking the target’s email accounts and adding their email addresses to the list, thereby getting a copy of all the email their victim gets into their mailboxes with the help of automatic email forwarding service. Stopping this means limiting the number of attacks happening.

This feature is intended for users who wanted to centralize their email traffic from various sources (from a group of employees) to one single account (his/her). Thus, users who want to see their email after the date (next year) should be getting onto the Yahoo website the checking them.

Making this seem more like a commercial step, Yahoo is notifying users to switch to a Pro plan to get this support, which costs $34.99 per year, or $3.49 a month.

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