In the high-octane world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), every punch, kick, and grapple counts. The thrill of the fight, the roar of the crowd, the anticipation of a knockout – these are the moments that UFC fans live for.

But what if you could experience all this without spending a dime? Welcome to the exciting realm of free UFC streaming sites. These platforms have revolutionized how fans engage with their favorite sport, making it more accessible than ever.

Whether you’re a die-hard MMA enthusiast or a casual viewer, our comprehensive guide to the best UFC streaming sites will ensure you never miss a moment of the action. Let’s dive into the world of free UFC streams and discover how you can enjoy top-tier MMA content at your fingertips.

Best Free UFC Streaming Sites

Platform Description Free/Premium Notable Features
YouTube UFC Channel Official UFC channel offering short clips, previews, and summaries Free Wide range of content, occasional video ads
FirstRow Sports User-friendly platform providing free access to fights Free Easy-to-navigate, pop-up ads
BT Sport UK-based platform offering a comprehensive UFC streaming experience Free/Premium Depth of content may require VPN due to regional restrictions
Fubo TV Sports-first live TV streaming platform Free/Premium High-quality streams, comprehensive sports coverage
Facebook Watch Social media platforms offer free streaming Free Wide range of content and High-quality streams

1. YouTube UFC Channel

As a global video-sharing platform, YouTube has become one of the most accessible free UFC streaming sites for fight enthusiasts worldwide. The official YouTube UFC Channel offers a wide range of content, from short clips of the most thrilling fights to in-depth previews and summaries of upcoming events.

This platform brings the adrenaline-pumping action of the octagon right to your screen, making it easier than ever to stay updated with the latest UFC happenings. However, like many free platforms, the YouTube UFC Channel does feature occasional video ads that may interrupt your UFC stream, so viewers should be prepared for potential disruptions.

2. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is a user-friendly platform that breaks down barriers to UFC streaming by providing free access to fights without requiring a subscription or login. The site’s easy-to-navigate interface makes it simple to find your desired fights, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

However, like many free UFC streaming sites, FirstRow Sports does feature pop-up ads that can interrupt the viewing experience. Therefore, using a VPN with an ad blocker is recommended for an uninterrupted UFC streaming experience on FirstRow Sports.

3. BTSport

BT Sport is a UK-based platform that offers a comprehensive UFC streaming experience. From live streams and the latest news to upcoming fight schedules and rankings, it’s a one-stop-shop for UFC fans.

This platform stands out among UFC streaming sites for its depth of content and user-friendly interface. However, due to regional restrictions, a VPN might be necessary to access this site from certain locations, ensuring fans worldwide can enjoy free UFC streams.

4. FuboTV

As a premier sports-centric live TV streaming platform, Fubo TV offers an exceptional UFC streaming experience. Although it is not free, its extensive sports coverage, including UFC fights, makes it a worthwhile choice for sports enthusiasts.

With high-quality streams, a user-friendly interface, and a diverse range of entertainment and news channels, Fubo TV ensures you never miss a moment of the UFC action, making it a comprehensive solution for your streaming needs.

5. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch offers a unique platform for free UFC streams. As a social media giant, Facebook has leveraged its vast user base to provide a platform where fans can enjoy a wide array of UFC content.

Despite being a free platform, users often face frustrations due to ads and slow streaming speeds. However, with its vast array of content and the ability to share and discuss fights with friends, Facebook Watch remains a popular choice among UFC streaming sites.

6. Reddit UFC Stream

Reddit, an online community forum, is a surprising but effective source for UFC streams. Users often upload high-quality UFC live stream links, making it a valuable resource for fans looking for free access to fights.

However, caution is advised as some users may upload malicious or fake links. Always ensure the credibility of the source when using Reddit for UFC streams, and enjoy the community aspect of discussing fights with other fans.

7. 720PStream

720PStream is one of the popular online sports search engines. You can enjoy all American sports under one roof along with UFC. According to the developer, they are constantly working to provide top-notch service to watch UFC from various sources.

The website is very neat and clean; the homepage has categories with various sports. So that you can watch any sports to satisfy your sports thirst. Moreover, you can watch WWE as well.

8. Stream2Watch

Without the Stream2Watch site, the list of free UFC streaming sites won’t be complete. With it, you can watch UFC and MMA fights comfortably at home without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Besides UFC and MMA, you can watch other international sports too, whether it’s football, basketball, hockey, tennis, or golf.

The website has a nice design that makes it easy for you to navigate smoothly. If you face any issues while opening this site, you can also use stream2watch proxies.

9. BuffStream

BuffStream welcomes you to the world of sports in a single place, including UFC. The best thing is that you’re good to go without creating an account. The site has fewer ads than others, so you can enjoy streaming without disturbance.

Moreover, you can watch the NFL, NBA, and WWE through various channels in BuffStreaming. One of the common issues of all streaming sites is the speed, but we’ve noticed BuffStreaming has excellent speed.

10. SportsLemon

An ultimate paradise for sports lovers, SportsLemon is a one-stop solution for sports streaming. Here you can also enjoy UFC live streaming for free. Along with that, you will get news, highlights, reports, and many UFC-related content.

The only drawback is that the site isn’t accessible in all countries. However, you can make use of a VPN. One thing I can assure you of is that the experience will be unmatched compared to other free UFC streaming websites.


In conclusion, the world of UFC has never been more accessible, thanks to the variety of free and premium streaming platforms available. Whether you’re tuning into the official YouTube UFC Channel, exploring the community-driven content on Reddit, or investing in a comprehensive sports package like Fubo TV, there’s a platform to suit every fan’s needs.

Always remember to use these sites responsibly, respect copyright laws, and protect your online security with a trusted VPN. Enjoy the thrill of the fight and stay connected to the UFC world with these reliable UFC streaming sites.