Watching videos online is one of most people’s favorite pastimes. Additionally, websites like YouTube depend on centrally gathered videos sent to devices as needed. However, recently, there has been a demand for a YouTube alternative. There are various reasons behind this.

One of the main ones is the revenue policy. YouTube controls how a video uploader or content creator might earn from the platform. Once you have uploaded your work on the platform, you cannot control it except by deleting it. Moreover, the site is severely moderated, so you cannot upload or access everything on the platform.

For this reason, YouTube alternatives are required. There are many such video streaming platforms on the internet. We have discussed some of them in today’s list. All the YouTube alternatives mentioned are different from each other. The only thing common is that the platforms are free to access.

1. DTube

It is a video-sharing website like YouTube. In DTube D stands for Decentralize. The entire site uses the STEEM blockchain and is thus decentralized rather than having all the movies hosted on a single server.

D TubeCreators don’t have to rely on advertisements as money accumulates through cryptocurrencies. There is also no secret algorithm; movies are ranked based on direct user feedback. Moreover, as the videos are stored in blockchain, it becomes difficult to tamper them.

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2. Hulu

This is another YouTube alternative that lets you search for videos on various subjects, such as technology, design, entertainment, etc. This website has numerous languages, including English, Spanish, and others. More than 3600 videos are available.

HuluYou can use Hulu to watch videos infinite times. There is a trending section where you can see videos of recent events. Moreover, there are more than 3500 speaker lectures on the site. Like YouTube, it also offers podcasts and other content.

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3. Dailymotion

Dailymotion allows you to upload and distribute your videos to an existing audience. It allows you to build a video channel, gain subscribers, and profit from pooled advertising revenue. According to Dailymotion, their platform has 300 million active users.

DailymotionThis most likely refers to a monthly average of 300 million unique visits. If your audience is modest, testing Dailymotion as a new video distribution platform can be worthwhile as it is the closest alternative to YouTube.

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4. Vimeo

If you like to watch short films uploaded by the public on video-sharing services, Vimeo must be your choice. It is one of the best alternatives to YouTube, allowing you to watch high-resolution videos.

VimeoAs a video uploader, you may track video performance with this website. It offers several options to personalize video players. The site doesn’t record your data to safeguard your privacy and security.

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5. Vevo

It is a site like YouTube that makes it simple to watch videos. The YouTube alternative enables you to organize videos by artist and several other things. You can share them on any social media platform, comment on them, follow channels, etc. 

VevoThis site also features original web series and music videos. It has also produced a collection of music videos, ensuring viewers watch high-definition content for free. In addition, you will receive featured playlists and fresh music from all genres.

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6. Twitch

Twitch is a service that allows you to watch sports and video games live. You can easily upload recordings or broadcast gaming using it. Additionally, the website provides TV shows, talk shows, and other content. 

Twitch Not Working on ChromeTwitch also has several convenient features, like a dark mode for late-night gaming and streaming, a data-saving mode, and more. In addition, you can converse with others and exchange gaming advice. PS4, PC, and MMO strategy games are available for streaming.

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7. Restream

This fantastic YouTube alternative makes it simple to make and host videos. The site competes with YouTube by providing quizzes, TV channels, movies, and more. Numerous video genres are available, including news, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

RestreamRestream has a clean and easy-to-use user interface that enables simple video access. The library is refreshed daily, so new videos are available. It also allows you to post films on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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8. TED Talks

Our following inclusion in the list of sites like Youtube is TED Talk. The site includes more than 2,300 speeches on various subjects, including business, design, science, technology, and global challenges.

TED TalksThe conversations range from humorous to emotional in nature. While some speeches are intended for amusement, others explain how your brain functions. The one thing that holds true throughout all TED Talks videos is that you’re sure to learn something noteworthy.

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