In recent times, the internet has become accessible to most people. As a result, many online video-sharing platforms have come into existence. These sites are facing heavy traffic both by viewers and creators. A recent survey has proved that people mostly prefer videos among all other online content as they give real-life visual satisfaction.

The most significant advantage of sharing your thoughts in the form of video is that it is accessible to the viewers in just a click. And if you are a creator, then a video can be the most vivid medium that you can use to show off your skills or share your ideas and beliefs. 

But for sharing your videos or watching them, you will require a platform. Most of you may consider Youtube as the only one, but there are many more to discover. So we come up with the best video-sharing sites along with summaries and features. We hope that after reading it, you will have a clear idea about the right platform to share your video to ensure maximum engagement.

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List of Best Video Sharing Sites to Watch & Upload Videos in 2022

  • YouTube
  • Tik Tok
  • Facebook Watch
  • Twitch 
  • Daily Motion
  • IGTV by Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Utreon
  • Meta Cafe
  • Vevo 

1. YouTube

The most popular and well-known site for video sharing is YouTube. We all are much familiar with this Alphabet-owned video blogging site. People from all over the world come here to share their skills and thoughts in videos.

 If you are thinking of starting a blog or sharing your ideas that will be helpful for others on the Internet, no other platform will prove better than YouTube. Additionally, you can monetize your channel on YouTube once it gets a decent number of audiences. Moreover, you will get all the necessary technical support from their well-trained tech team.

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2. Daily Motion

Our following inclusion is another popular video-sharing site named Daily Motion. You can upload video files of a maximum of 2 GB with a runtime of 60 minutes in it. Daily Motion is a popular name in publishing segments, so it also provides an opportunity for its creators to get a share of its revenue under the Publishing Partner program.

If you want to target regional audiences in Europe, Daily Motion can be of great help. The site recommends videos to its viewer based on the recently watched content. Thus, it makes it an effective promotional platform.

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3. TikTok

This mini-video site rose to fame in a brief period. A lot of celebrities have chosen this platform to convey their message through interesting mini videos on TikTok. Among its numerous categories, lip-syncing videos are the most popular.

So, if you plan to upload funny videos or any short clips, TikTok will be the best option. It has a vast prospect due to its rapidly growing community. Additionally, you can also generate revenue from Affiliate marketing. Though the app has been restricted in some major countries like the USA and India, it is still operating in most countries.

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4. Facebook Watch

Recently social media giant Facebook has added a new option in their social media interface named Facebook Watch. It catalogs video content of individual users as well as well-known Facebook pages. The company is getting a massive response from its users as people love to watch videos based on their preferences.

So, if you want to target a large community with your potential video, the Facebook watch is going to help you out. Once you get a decent number of viewers, you can also monetize your videos as it allows you to run ads in them.

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5. Twitch

If you are looking for a video-sharing platform dedicated to gaming purposes, then Twitch will be an excellent choice for you. Presently there are nearly 11,000 active streamers on Twitch, and the number is going up day by day. The site allows you to stream your PC and mobile games at 3500 Bitrate.

Twitch shares a portion of its revenue earned with the creators. So it will also be a great medium to encash your gaming skills. But you have to work hard to do so as they only allow you to be a partner if you reach 100,000 subscribers and 15000+ views.

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6. IGTV by Instagram

This platform is developed by Instagram and can be used independently or by the integrated option available on Insta to share and watch videos. It features midrange videos in portrait format. In addition, users can use it to upload videos on any niche they want.

Alike Facebook, Instagram also has a huge userbase. So you need not have to worry about your video reach. Moreover, the platform is mobile-friendly, making it convenient for the viewers to access the content. You will get an upload limit of 10 minutes(650 MB) 26 minutes (3 GB).

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7. Vimeo

This is a video-sharing site that can no doubt called a near competitor of YouTube. Viewers like this platform for its unique advertisement policy. It is because Vimeo doesn’t include any ad at the beginning or in between the videos. It also ensures an uninterrupted runtime. 

You will get a 500 MB of weekly upload limit with Vimeo. This limit can be increased by subscribing to its plus category. Moreover, you will get multiple file format support to upload videos in MOV, MPEG4, MP4, 3GGP, etc. Though this site doesn’t let you show ads in between videos, you can still use the ‘Video in Demand’ model to monetize your content.

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8. Utreon

This is another video-sharing platform with a simple and clean UI. People love to use this platform for sharing videos for its diverse content and easy navigation options. It may be infamous, but no doubt can be termed a better alternative for YouTube for its transparent algorithms. 

Utreon has a subscription system with which the viewers can support their favorite creators. It also has some unique features that enable you to create your own series of shows, including a table of content, episodes, seasons, etc.

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9. Meta Cafe

Meta Cafe is a free platform that allows you to share short videos. The site is easy to use end is visited by millions of viewers to watch their favorite content online. Generally, the length of the videos on this site ranges from 90 to 180 seconds.

You will find the interface similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat. However, the only difference is that your upload will not disappear after 24 hours. Meta Cafe has a team of 80,000 volunteers who provides Technical support and checks the videos to meet the platform’s guidelines.

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10. Vevo

If you are a music artist and want to release your music video, Vevo will be a perfect choice for you. Vevo is a distribution network owned by Vydia media. Currently, the platform is only available in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Like other sites, Vevo allows users to create their premium channel and upload videos.

Although the site is available in three countries, but the contents are easily accessible to over 200 countries. Moreover, it has a partnership with YouTube that ensures massive audience support.

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