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Rahul is a Computer Science student with a massive interest in the field of Tech and cryptocurrency topics. He spends most of his time either writing or listening to music or traveling un-seen places. He believes that chocolate is the solution to all his problems. Life happens, and coffee helps.
Best Linux Distros For Programming

10 Best Linux Distros For Programming and Developers

Linux is a prevalent operating system among security researchers and network administrators. It is very similar to Windows and Mac OS but much faster...
Run SSD Speed Test

10 BEST Free Tools To Test SSD Speed / Hard Drive Performance

We are heading towards a more digital way of life, full of computerized data. It is no doubt that the hard disk is among...
Best PuTTY Alternatives

10 Best PuTTY Alternatives For SSH Clients on Windows

Whenever it comes to the best SSH clients, Putty is most probably the first one to strike our minds. It is a terminal emulator...
Free PowerPoint Templates

10 Best Websites For Free PowerPoint Templates (2022)

The most important thing you will need is free templates to create low-budget presentations that perfectly suit your purpose. PowerPoint templates are pre-built designs...
Free Architecture Software-min

10 Best Free Architecture Software For Architects (2022)

If you're a civil engineer or just a common man trying to design a house plan, you will need good architecture software for designing...
Shutterstock Alternatives

10 Best Free Shutterstock Alternatives to Use Free Photos

Shutterstock is a great service where you can search for 161 million royalty-free images. However, sometimes these are not enough, so people look for...
Best Screensavers For Windows 10

12 Best Screensavers For Windows 10 (Free Download)

Screensavers look very cool when you need your computer round the clock. Several types of screensavers are different from the traditional ones. They show...
Best Screen Recording Software for Windows 10

12 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows 11/10

These days, people are searching for a screen recorder for windows computers. There are many reasons behind it, such as gaming, streaming, making tutorial...
Best Free Drawing Software

13 Best Free Drawing Software For Windows / Mac PC

Our world is getting more creative day by day. People are creating amazing pictures with the editing and drawing process. However, certain drawing apps...
Online Receipt Maker

11 Free Online Receipt Generator Tools (Fake & Custom Receipts)

Maintaining hand-written receipts had been very difficult. If you lost your receipt book, it is impossible to retrieve that information. Also, sometimes people cannot...

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