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Rahul is a Computer Science student with a massive interest in the field of Tech and cryptocurrency topics. He spends most of his time either writing or listening to music or traveling un-seen places. He believes that chocolate is the solution to all his problems. Life happens, and coffee helps.
Best Free Anti-Ransomware Tools

10 Best Free Anti-Ransomware Tools of 2021

Ransomware can make you fall into adhesive circumstances. They are specific types of programs that lead you to pay for ransom unwantedly. Encrypting essential...
Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format

FIX – Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format Error

It is obvious to find problems while you are working with anything technical. However, in this article today, we will discuss the error saying,...
VideoProc Vlogger - Best Free Editing Software

VideoProc Vlogger – Best Free Editing Software

Since vlogging has taken over the internet, the demand for video devices and editors has increased out of nowhere. If you are a fan...
Best Disposable Email Services

6 Best Disposable Email Services for a Temporary Email

Many a time, we come up with different websites where we may find helpful resources. However, when they insist on providing our emails, we...
Check & Repair SSD Hard Disk

8 Freeware To Check & Repair SSD Hard Disk With Bad Sectors

A bad sector in your drive might lead to data loss or slow disk space. Since none of us wants anything like that to...
Bandwidth Monitoring Tools For Windows

9 Best Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools For Windows PC (2021)

Imagine getting interrupted because you ran out of your data while downloading your favorite games, movies, or anything. Well, it's one of the most...
Best Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online

9 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites in 2021

Animes are Japanese-themed cartoons that come with an amazing storyline and sophisticated characters. This is the main reason why people from all age groups...
Best Dark Web Browsers

5 Best Dark / Deep Web Browsers in 2021

Today, as most of our private data are collected by the servers, it is hard to maintain our Privacy. Everything, including our emails, passwords,...
Best Statistics Software

7 Best Statistics Software and Tools in 2021

Data Analysis is a new trend that recently came out of nowhere. And now it's getting hold over the entire market, letting people know...
Best Safe APK Download Sites

6 Best Safe APK Download Sites in 2021

Numerous apps come for a great price, and not everybody is willing to pay for them. So, if you are also looking for some...

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