Every well-established business needs to maintain a robust security system to check for its existing vulnerabilities. In addition, since most of the businesses are now online, you need to look for every loophole for better security. And there’s where the vulnerability tools play a significant role. They help you make your business or organization more secure and foolproof from intruders.

A vulnerability Scanner discovers all exposed end-points of your network system. Being alert about your vulnerabilities allows you to prioritize your weak areas. You can then be able to access the full safety of your remote workforce and prevent anonymous attacks.

However, choosing the right tools for your level of requirements needs a lot more than you can think. Hence, to ease your task, we have mentioned a few alternative options you might like to check out.

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List of Best Vulnerability Scanning Tools For Penetration Testing

The list below holds the top best Vulnerability scanner tools that will protect your network from any further attacks in the future.

1. OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

OpenVAS Vulnerability ScannerOpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner is a great analysis tool that helps IT hubs run scans on network servers and devices. They run effective scans via all open ports and check for further open services and IP addresses. After the scan is completed, it generates an auto report, which is rather sent through an email.

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2. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Nessus Vulnerability ScannerNessus Scanner is another impressive tool that takes care of stuff like patching, misconfigurations, malware, software-related problems, and more. It further looks out for all possible vulnerabilities before an untrusted source discovers them. Finally, it takes care of the overall infrastructure, leaving nothing behind.

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3. Comodo HackerProof

Comodo HackerProofThe Comodo HackerProof is actually among the leading vulnerability analysis tool. It comes with many powerful features that help keep regular track of any vulnerabilities. Besides, Comodo even provides certain indicators that let users feel more secured as they communicate to you.

This actually helps in large business modules for better revenue generation, build trust with customers, enhance conversions, and so on.

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4. Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTGPaessler PRTG is one of the finest monitoring tools. That means it does not offer any management or automated assistance. However, it comes with a 30-days trial pack that provides you will find unlimited sensors.

Moreover, it keeps an eye on any functional changes in the status and alerts you in no time, the moment it finds any. Finally, since you can leverage the complete tool for its trial version, it gives you a better idea before going for the premium version.

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5. Tripwire IP360

Tripwire IP360Tripwire IP360 is an all-in-one solution for seamless vulnerability management. The tool is both flexible and scalable and boosts you with maximum productivity through integrations with the tools already in use.

Apart from that, it offers full network visibility by accurately identifying all assets on your network. Above all, it just won’t bother you with unwanted alerts. Rather it focuses on whatever matters the most.

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6. Rapid7 Nexpose

Rapid7 NexposeThe Rapid7 is a simple yet useful tool and is a much better option as a starter. The best part is it has a unique approach to the rating risks. With real-time coverage, you are always well-aware of any upcoming risk. In addition, it provides quick and efficient information to fix different issues effortlessly.

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7. Netsparker

NetsparkerNetsparker might be a better choice if you are looking for a web security purpose. It looks for vulnerabilities and provides proof of exploits using Proof-based Scanning technology. In addition, it can further integrate with several other management systems to make the workflow automate.

Netsparker is well-known for its accuracy. Thus, you can go for the demo version to ensure efficiency before going for direct purchase.

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8. Vulnerability Manager Plus

Vulnerability Manager PlusThe Vulnerability Manager Plus is a much newer name to introduce in the industry when it comes to vulnerability scanning. It gives a complete 360-degree view of your security exposures.

It scans for vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, high-risk software, and web-server misconfigurations. Since it allows you to look from a hacker’s perspective, you can identify every minor flaw for each end-point.

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From Editor’s Desk

Finally, as we have come through the top tools for vulnerability scanning, we hope, by now, you have found a better option for you. These tools offer effortless tracking over each minor end-points and help overcome them. Furthermore, it is now much easier to escape from further hacker attacks.


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