At times, we may need to monitor the activity of someone. It may be an employee working under you or your kid who you think might be spending time on something they shouldn’t be doing. This is where you can use Spy apps. 

Spy apps are designed to monitor the activity of someone on their phone. Spy apps can let you access calls, texts, location, and other data on someone’s phone. 

If you have never used a spy app on your iPhone and are confused about which spy app is worth spending money on, this article should help you. We will be listing some of the best spy apps for iPhone. 

Best Spy Apps For iPhone and iOS in 2023

A spy app should have features like monitoring calls, texts, GPS, limiting screen time, etc. If you are finding it difficult to select the best spy apps, then you should refer to the list of best spy apps for iPhone mentioned below-

1. TrackMyFone

The main task of this app is to track the safety of a certain device and the user. It is best used as an emergency measure in case a person is not contactable or to supervise the screen time for kids. Using this app, you can track calls and text messages, even social media and emails, as long as specific permissions are granted. 

It provides real-time phone location online and can remotely lock and wipe the phone if lost. This app, however, only works when the phone is switched on and connected to the internet. Also, some features require jailbreaking the iPhone to work properly. 


If you want to track text messages, calls, social media, contacts, emails, and apps, then you can use XNSPY. You can lock or block apps on the phone remotely with the help of this app. This can be useful for kids if they don’t want their children to access certain apps. 

XNSPY allows the tracker to monitor social media apps and to record behavior patterns through direct screen recording. Live phone call recording is available. This app sends alerts for messages received, emails, and SIM card changes. 

3. Spyzie

This app lets you monitor the screen time of children and employees assigned to essential projects. Spyzie is a highly efficient location tracker and can provide instant alerts to parents when their children are approaching unknown places. 

The browsing history monitor allows you to peak into the existence and frequency of different websites visited by the person you are tracking. You couldn’t use this app if your iPhone was jailbroken earlier. 

4. MobiStealth

If you want to streamline the monitoring process, try out MobiStealth. This app is designed to let you track SMS, calls, web history, location, and even notifications and messages from other apps like social media. 

This app is compatible with all the leading carriers, and you can use this on multiple iPhones with one license. The best thing is that you won’t have to jailbreak your device to use this app. 

5. FlexiSpy

When you have FlexiSpy supervision, it’s almost like you have the device in your hands. This is a complete package with all tracking features, including call logs, location, keystroke tracking, and a view of calendar events. 

With parental control, you can monitor your kids’ activity and block them from doing certain things on their devices. This app will see you instant alerts for all suspicious activities. 

6. GuestSpy

This is one of the best undetectable spy apps out there. Plus, it is the best choice for those who need a budget subscription with all the basic features available. The app keeps extensive records of every move on the tracked device, and you can go through them as soon as you log in to your account on your iPhone or the web.

If you want a good user interface and a comprehensive control panel to browse web history, calls, locations, and social media, this app is for you. This app will send you an instant alert for SIM changes. 

7. Spylix

This app can track all types of data, including WhatsApp, text messages, GPS, calls, photos and videos, notes, calendars, internet usage, and more. This app works without jailbreaking your device. 

Spylix can go through almost every known social media and track them for you. This app can display all photos, documents, and multimedia on the tracked iPhone and iCloud. The app works in the background and goes undetected while it tracks the data for you. 

8. HoverWatch

This app packs in all the features that a spy app should have. It can be operated remotely from anywhere if both devices are connected to an active internet. The app uses a three-step login, after which you are ready to start snooping around!

The keylogger feature of HoverWatch registers all the keys typed on the keyboard, which means you can use this to detect messages that were typed but not sent. This application also allows users to go through deleted content.

9. TheOneSpy

This is another spy app you can use to get an idea of what the person is doing. TheOneSpy goes through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps and tracks them for you. You can also live record from the camera and mic through this app. 

This app allows you to limit the screen time of the user, block websites, and record the screen. TheOneSpy is one of the best spy apps for iPhone that you can go for. 

10. Highster

This is another completely undetectable application available for iPhone. With this app, you can access texts, calls, GPS locations, as well as the messages of the person. With the stealth camera feature on this app, you can capture photos from the camera on the phone of the target. 

The app also shows you browser history and photos, and video logs. You can also monitor the GPS location through this app. 


There are a lot of spy apps available for iPhone, but surprisingly few only live up to the user’s expectation. If you are searching for the best spy apps for iPhone, you can refer to the apps listed above.