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50 Million Records of Moscow’s Drivers Data Setup For Sale

As per reports, hackers are selling a database containing 50 million records of Moscow's drivers' data. This is spotted in an underground forum, with a...
Donald Trump

Trump’s Social Media TRUTH Social is Caught With Licensing Issues

Not even a week that Trump's new social media platform was announced, it's already in the crosshairs of license and copyright issues. It's reported that...
Google Search

Google: Governments Requesting For Content Takedown is on Rise

Google released the Content Removal Transparency Report of H1 2021, where it listed the top countries with maximum takedown requests of objectionable content. The list...
Mega Cloud Now Has 230 Million Users Storing 107 Billion Files

Mega Cloud Now Has 230 Million Users Storing 107 Billion Files

Mega, the popular cloud storage service has just released its latest transparency report, detailing the statistics of its performance during the 2020-21 period. In its...
WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Upgrades the Picture-in-Picture Mode in Latest Beta

WhatsApp brought the Picture-in-Picture mode in 2018, and made no changes or upgrade since then to the feature. Now, it's refreshing the UI of the...
Donald Trump

Trump Announced His Own Social Media Named ‘TRUTH Social’

After being banned by the world's top social media platforms, Donald Trump is now making one for his own. He named this TRUTH Social, and...
SIM Swapping and Cryptocurrency Theft

Man Pleaded Guilty For SIM Swapping and Cryptocurrency Theft

The Attorney's Office of the District of Maryland has sentenced one of the two conspirators, involved in a SIM swapping and cryptocurrency theft in...
Windows 11

Microsoft Published Windows 11 Documentation For Android App Developers

Microsoft has just released a documentation site for interested Android app developers, to bring and manage their Android apps on Windows 11. Microsoft shall soon...
Android 12

Android 12 “Clone Profile” is the Native App For Cloning Default Apps

When Google officially launched the Android 12 earlier this month, it shared a Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) along with it. In it, the company stated...
ACE Shutdown a Popular French Pirate Site: Electro TV Sat

ACE Shutdown a Popular French Pirate Site: Electro TV Sat

After finding the operators' location of Electro TV Sat in Morocco, ACE has finally put an end to the pirate streaming site today. The copyright...

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