Xbox One is one of the most popular consoles that you can have. You can install games and apps on the console and use them. However, many users have reported that it fails unexpectedly when installing games/apps on Xbox One. This has been causing issues for a lot of users recently. 

If Xbox One Installation stopped unexpectedly, there are many reasons to blame for it, like insufficient storage, poor internet, corrupted game files, issues with the Xbox Live server, hardware issues, account issues, etc. 

If you are facing issues while installing apps and games on your Xbox One, we will help you with it. Let’s go through all the troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix the Xbox One Installation Stopped error. 

Fix Xbox One Installation Stopped Error

As we have already discussed, there can be multiple reasons that can cause this error. Here’s what you can do to fix the Xbox One installation stopped error-

1. Check Xbox Live Status

First, visit the Xbox Live Status page and see if all the services listed there are up and running. See if all the services have a green tick beside them, indicating they are working fine and nothing is wrong with them.

Check Xbox Live Status

If you don’t see a green tick beside any service here, there’s probably some server outage. It might take some time for the outage to be fixed (sometimes a few minutes and sometimes even a few hours). You can resume the installation process once the outage has been fixed and all the services are running. 

2. Check Your Internet

The issue can be caused if the internet connection is interrupted while installing the game/app. Ensure your internet is not lost during the process. If you face an internet problem, restart your router and connect the console to the router again. If you use a mobile hotspot, restart it and reconnect the console. 

3. Restart Console

If there’s no issue with the Xbox Live server and your internet works fine, you should try restarting your console. 

  1. If there’s a disk in the console, then remove it. 
  2. Open the Guide by scrolling to the left of the console’s home screen. 
  3. Here, select Settings
  4. Now, select the Restart Console option. Restart Console
  5. Confirm restarting the console by selecting Yes in the confirmation prompt. 

4. Clean Game Disc

The installation may stop if there’s some issue with the game. Try cleaning the game disc with a clean cloth. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the game disc. Do not use alcohol or abrasive liquid, as it may damage the disc. 

Instead, you can take the game disc to a nearby store and ask them to clean it. They generally have machines and equipment to clean your disc without damaging it. 

5. Clear Locally Saved Games

If Xbox One installation stops, you can try clearing the local saved games and continue the installation process. The steps mentioned below should help you with it-

  1. Remove the disc from the Xbox One if there’s any. 
  2. Now, open the Guide from the left on the Home Screen of the console. 
  3. In the Guide, head to Settings > All Settings > System > Storage devices. Storage devices
  4. After this, select Clear Local Saved Games and Yes to confirm clearing the locally saved games. Clear Local Saved Games
  5. Now, restart the console, and after the restart, try again with the installation process. 

6. Check Storage

You need space on the hard disk of your console to install games and apps. You must check if there’s enough storage on your console. To do this, press the Xbox button and then select Notification. You will see an insufficient storage notification if there’s not enough storage. 

If your Xbox One is running out of storage, uninstall the apps and games on your console. If there’s enough space, but you still face app installation issues, then you can try the next step in this article. 

7. Use Correct Account

You may face the Xbox One installation stopped error if you use an incorrect account. For instance, if you try downloading a game associated with a different account, you may face installation issues. 

You must use the correct Xbox account on your Xbox to install games and apps. If you are using an incorrect account, log out and sign in to the correct account. 

8. Install System Updates

If the firmware is outdated, you may face the Xbox One Installation Stopped error. You can try checking for the system updates and installing the available updates. Below are the steps to do it-

  1. Open the Guide on your Xbox One.
  2. Here, head to Settings > All Settings > System. All Settings
  3. Now, select Console Info & Updates > Latest update status.Latest update status
  4. You will see any updates if available; install the updates. 

9. Change Installation Location to Internal Hard Drive

The next thing that we recommend you do is change the installation location of the apps/games on Xbox One to the internal hard drive. But why so? Many users have reported facing this issue while installing the game/app on an external hard drive. Check if you face the same issue with the internal hard drive. 

10. Format External Hard Drive

If you tried the previous step and could install the game on the internal hard drive, there’s probably some issue with the external hard drive. In that case, you can format the external hard drive. Here’s how you can reset the external hard drive-

  1. Head to the Guide by heading to the left of the Home Screen on Xbox. 
  2. Now, head to Settings and then select All Settings
  3. Now, head to the System tab and then select Storage
  4. Here, select your external hard drive. select your external hard drive
  5. Select Format for games & apps to format it. Format for games & apps
  6. Click on Format Storage Device.Format Storage Device

11. Reset Xbox One

If you have tried all the above steps and it doesn’t help, plus there’s no issue with your internet or the game disc, you can try resetting the Xbox One. The steps mentioned below should help you with it-

  1. From the Guide, head to Settings
  2. In the Settings, select All Settings
  3. Now, select System and then select Console info & updates.Console info
  4. Here, select Reset Console, and then select Reset and remove everything. Reset ConsoleReset and remove everything
  5. After this, set up your Xbox and install games/apps without issues. 

Bottom Line

If you are stuck with the Xbox One installation stopped error, then the above guide should help you fix it. If the above guide didn’t solve this issue, we suggest contacting Xbox customer support. Tell the customer support team about your issue; they should help you fix it. 


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