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Counterfeit Sneaker Sites

Magecart Skimmers Infect Many of Counterfeit Sneaker Sites to Steal Credit Cards Information

Infamous card skimming group Magecart is actively infecting online sites that are selling counterfeit shoes. Malwarebytes has recently discovered a credit card skimming activity being done Magecart on hundreds of online shops. As offline shopping...
Best Cricket Live Streaming Apps for Android

(10+) Best Cricket Live Streaming Apps for Android

Everyone wants some enjoyment to get out of their burdens, tensions, anxiety. Everyone does something for their entertainment. Sports is the best way to get you entertained. As we all know, cricket is just...
GeoZilla Tracker

GeoZilla Tracker Gives You Real-Time Updates of Your Kids or Pets

GeoZilla is a tiny tracker that lets your loved ones to contact you in their unexpected hardships. Easy to carry and mostly automatic, this GPS tracker enables one peacefully let their dependents move independently. Worrying...
PlunderVolt Hack Attacks Intel CPUs by Altering Voltage

PlunderVolt Hack Attacks Intel CPUs by Altering Voltage

Whenever there's a widespread attack performed by hackers, there will be some guy or team understanding the attack and undoing it. Yet, black hats find a new way to sneak in. Here's a new...
Google Chrome 79 Released with Better Security Features

Google Chrome 79 Released with Better Security Features

Google, on the latest update of its Chrome 79, has added several security features and improvements to it. While most of them are minor, it has tightened the security protection features and to stop...
Hackers Breach into Helix IPTV

Hackers Breach into Helix IPTV: Threaten to Leak Customer’s Data

Pirate IPTV streaming providers "Helix" is currently in a bug fix as a data leak seems imminent. According to sources, Helix's website was hacked by a hacker who held the streaming giant to ransom....
Spotify Phishing Attack

Spotify Phishing Attack Lures Customers to Submit Their Sensitive Card Info

While there are many tricks of getting customers data, a new team of hackers is luring customers with a phishing site and asking them to disclose their payment card details. Spotify, a famous and top...
Snatch Ransomware

Snatch Ransomware Reboots System to Sneak in Windows Computers

Snatch Ransomware, the new ransomware in the town is successful in sneaking into Windows PC by a typical method of Safe Mode rebooting to encrypt user files gradually. First discovered by incident response team at...
Best Free Code Editors for Mac

(10+) Best Free Code Editors for Mac (2019)

Every operating system has its predetermined functions and capabilities to do the task. They are different from each other and hence supports different as system software and application software to do the task. Let's...
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Now Allow Users to Stream Movies and TV Shows Online

The Pirate Bay, an acclaimed Torrent site, is reportedly testing video streaming on its websites. The Pirate Bay faced a lot of backlash across the world owing to its massive collection of pirated movies...

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