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Best Zoom Alternatives

Zoom Alternatives 2020 – (6+) Best For Video Conferencing

Due to COVID-19, people are unable to step outside from their home, its a very dire situation. Students are unable to attend their classes, and employees of major companies are unable to do their...
Discord is Targeted By Updated Malware To Steal Users Login Tokens

Discord is Targeted By Updated Malware To Steal Users Login Tokens

Discord is an active target for attackers for being one of the popular chat platforms. This service is praised by gamers especially, and perfect exploitation could sometimes garner rich accounts. A new attack in...
Hidden Backdoor in Android Apps

Over 12,000 Apps Are Having Secret Backdoors Open For Exploitation

A research made by academicians at Ohio State University found astonishing results. This is regarding apps we see in our smartphones, which have backdoors for secret keys, master passwords, and secret commands. These were...
Best Free Online Shooting Games For Android

(12+) Best Free Online Shooting Games For Android in 2020

Everybody needs some enjoyment in their free time to reduce the workload. Majorly do different things like some go for listening to music. Some prefer games. So, we all know the best online shooting...
Best Cable TV Alternatives

(7+) Best Cable TV Alternatives For Live TV in 2020

We've come from a long way from compact-sized to ultra-slim televisions, wired cable connections to now OTTs. Over-the-air platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+ are gaining traction, but they lack live TV streaming. So...
Sophia the Robot

Sophia Robot Says Machines Should Exhibit More Love Than Humans

The world's famous humanoid robot - Sophia made an intriguing tweet earlier their month. She says machines to be exhibiting various feelings like creativity, hope, and compassion in the future. Further, machines should be...
Pluralsight Offers Free Tech Courses

Pluralsight Offers 7,000+ Technology Courses For Free Throughout April

Many institutions and companies are stepping up to offer their support in various means. Pluralsight is one such platform, which started to offer its entire 7,000+ technology courses library for free to new subscribers,...
15,000 Elasticsearch Servers Are Attacked and Wiped By Unknown Hacker

15,000 Elasticsearch Servers Are Attacked and Wiped By Unknown Hacker

The vast network of Elasticsearch servers that are left unprotected with a password is being targeted and wiped by an unknown hacker. Further, he's indexing a security firm in all his attacks, as a...
Face Recognition Search Engines

(8+) Face Recognition Search Engines To Search Similar Faces

It is easy to search for anything on the internet nowadays. You might know search engines for text, images, videos, torrents and so on. However, today we will talk about search engines which can...
WireShark Alternatives For Android

(8+) Best WireShark Alternatives For Android 2020

If you are enough engaged with the network communication system, you must be aware of the term WireShark. Well, it is the most popular and people's favorite network analyzer, unluckily it's not available for...

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