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5 Best Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tools (2024)

Open Source Intelligence, or popular OSINT, is an essential section in cybersecurity. Every cybersecurity expert, including the white, red, and black hat, knows the...
Best Audio Recording Softwares

12 Best Audio Recording Softwares For PC (2024)

We all dreamt of becoming a famous singer or musician one day, at least once when listening to our favorite songs. Though that desire...
Best Video Compression Software

10 Best Video Compression Software for Windows & Mac

Video compressing is a less-known but needed feature for most. We're in a time where even a minute of video recorded from an average...
Enable Experimental Features

How to Enable Experimental Features in Google Chrome?

While internet browsers are an integral part of our lives today, Google's Chrome is an integral part of this ecosystem. It has over 70%...
Google Chrome

How to Delete Just One Site From Chrome Browsing History?

As you browse through several websites daily in your Chrome browser, your online preferences will be recorded and stored on your device. While this...
Delete a Drive Partition

How to Delete a Drive Partition in Windows 10?

Organizing storage is an important aspect of any Windows PC. Though you'll be getting a single or multiple physical drive for storage, you may...
How to Enable Colorful Themes in Microsoft Edge Browser

How to Enable Color Themes in Microsoft Edge Browser

While Microsoft may fall behind Google in search engine competition, the Windows maker is fighting aggressively in the browser market. Microsoft has a new...
How to Add Multiple Clocks From Different Time Zones in Windows 10

How to Add Multiple Clocks on Your Windows 10 PC

If you're one of those living outside your country on purpose and talking to family often, you should check for the proper time to...
BadPower Attack Can Damage Your Smartphones Through Fast Charging

Asus Reportedly Shutting Down its ‘Zenfone’ Smartphone Line-up

Nearly a decade after its launch, Asus reportedly shut down its Zenfone lineup of smartphones, resulting from an internal restructuring. A Taiwanese media reports that...
LockBit Ransomware

LockBit 3.0 Code Leak Gave Rise to Hundreds of Ransomware Variants

Kaspersky researchers noted hundreds of new ransomware variants rising from LockBit 3.0 code leak that let threat actors of all kinds make their ransomware...