Nearly a decade after its launch, Asus reportedly shut down its Zenfone lineup of smartphones, resulting from an internal restructuring.

A Taiwanese media reports that Asus is cutting down some employees while shifting some between departments. This leads to dumping or shifting those employees working in the Zenfone department to the ROG line-up. Asus is yet to make an official announcement on this.

Asus Dumping Zenfone Series

Stated in 2014, the Asus Zenfone lineup was initially a hit series. The Max and Max Pro handsets are popular in the mid and budget range, while the Zenfone series is in the premium segment.

Though it initially saw some success, the company’s smartphones are gradually neglected by the community, even though they come with competitive specifications. Part of that is due to Asus’s irregularity in passing software updates, while others include not listening to the customers’ feedback.

Yet, Asus made some cool advancements in the camera, battery and processor segments and stayed relevant all this time. But an organisational restructuring means that Asus is dumping the Zenfone lineup altogether, reports a Taiwanese media outlet.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the outlet says Asus is cutting down a number of employees across Taiwan and China, and shutting down the Zenfone business is a part of it! An internal Asus letter reportedly revealed plans to move many employees from the Zenfone department to the ROG line-up while laying off others.

This means the company’s recent flagship, Zenfone 10, is the last handset we see in the Zenfone series, which was open for pre-orders in the United States a few days ago. Reports of Asus undergoing an organisational restructuring were earlier noted by DigiTimes, but didn’t include news about the Zenfone division.