Video compressing is a less known but needed feature for most. We’re in a time where even a minute-video recorded from an average phone is weighing over half a gigabyte.

This could be hard for someone to store those frequent recordings that amass in a load of data. Thus, we look for a way to compress them without spoiling much of the clarity. This happens with the help of video compressing or conversion softwares, where they are mostly free.

There are few disadvantages of compressing a video, like the output having an unknown byte/pixel relationship, decompressing previous data if needed, etc. Still, the advantage of reduced data size outweighs all these factors.

Though the words conversion and compression are different, both are based on the same background concept and result in the same output – video with reduced data size and clarity.

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List of Best Video Compression Software For Windows and Mac PC

The list we compiled below is of the best video converters/compressors that are mostly free and have basic conversion tools to get the job done. Check out:

1. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter
Wondershare UniConverter

This software lets you download videos directly from YouTube and compress it accordingly. It supports hundreds of video formats and gives plenty of compressing options like bit rate, frame rate, file size, resolution, etc. You can burn video to CD, fix metadata, GIF-making, etc., at faster speeds. This is available for free for both Windows and macOS.

Download Here: UniConverter

2. Miro Video Converter

Miro Video Converter
Miro Video Converter

This free and open-source platform converts (eventually compressing) several videos to MP4. It’s capable of customizing, batching videos, and sharing content directly to Android or Apple devices. There are no ads. Thus the software is limited to the basic job of converting only. After all, it supports Windows, macOS, and even Linux.

Download Here: Miro Video Converter

3. Handbrake


Handbrake basically started as a video ripping software from DVDs to digital content. Now it evolved with many features to survive the competition. It’s capable of not just the basic converting but much more.

It gives the user plenty of options to customize the output in bitrate, sample rate, scaling, cropping, interlacing, etc. It’s capable of removing DRM and transcoding the video to a Blu-ray disc. You’ll explore more once you get your hands on it.

Download Here: Handbrake

4. MeGUI


MeGUI isn’t known to the community that much, but it’s notable. It’s having one of the simplest UI to navigate and process the job. To say, one needs to master the tools it provides, as it seems made for professionals only.

But with the right knowledge, you can do the conversion (identifies the input automatically), and editing works. If hardware such as multi-core is provided, it makes the process even faster and smoother.

Download Here: MeGUI

5. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter
Any Video Converter

A pretty common name, though, but good at doing the job. Its platform got everything from downloading a video from online sites to compressing and editing, and uploading to various devices like phones and gaming consoles.

It serves with basic video conversion and editing features for most video formats, making it considerable for quick converting. It’s available for both Windows and macOS.

Download Here: Any Video Converter

6. Avidemux


Avidemux is more of a video editor than just a converter. Besides compressing and transcoding the video, it can add basic visual effects and even adjoining audio to running the video. It supports all regular video formats and even configuring the output accordingly. Though it’s a GUI program, it can also run from the command line.

Download Here: Avidemux

7. VideoProc


VideoProc is probably the strongest in this field, having support for over 400 types of video outputs. This platform has a free version that satisfies most essentials, but upgrading to a paid version could bring in ultimate features.

This including converting the 4K files to half their size without compromising in quality. Finally, it leverages the GPU hardware acceleration of the chipset to make the process smoother and faster. It’s available for Windows and macOS.

Download Here: VideoProc

8. Format Factory

Format Factory
Format Factory

One of the finest ones in the industry, Format Factory does not just video compressing, but also converting, joining multiple files, ripping CDs and DVDs into other formats, etc.

Besides supporting a wide range of video formats, it extends these compressing/converting services to audio and pictures. Thus, it’s an extensive platform support major media content, which can readily be made into ISO files, and all these for free!

Download Here: Format Factory

9. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter
Freemake Video Converter

It’s a free adware software that provides you with basic tools to convert/compress videos and even edit them. It supports various file formats and severs video, audio, and pictures.

It can burn CDs and DVDs into videos and upload them directly to YouTube, Apple devices, PlayStation, phones, etc. It does basic level editing of videos and is good for beginners. It’s available only for Windows as of now.

Download Here: Freemake Video Converter

10. Hybrid

Hybrid Video Compressor
Hybrid Video Compressor

Hybrid is pretty straight forward in telling users that they need to know about using this. It’s free and supports Windows and Linux platforms. It works for both audio and video converting and stuff the output into Blu-ray.

In terms of video compression, it’s doing its job without any flaws, and if the user masters the tools it gives, it’s worth considering.

Download Here: Hybrid

From Editor’s Desk

Most of the above platforms are having free versions and are adware. That’s a reasonable excuse to serve free. And if you need to do something big, you can upgrade to paid plans for additional features.


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