We all enjoy listening to music while working, driving, working as well and sleeping. It is one of the most loved sources of entertainment for any individual around the world. After becoming familiar with the Internet, music lovers have become more convenient to soothe their ears with their favorite music tracks. We no longer have to rely on radios or buy expensive cassettes and CDs for listening to music.

You can use any online music app to listen to your favorite songs. But it comes with some limitations. For example, if you want to use the offline mode, you have to pay a subscription fee. It also restricts downloads to encrypted files only. So, how you can get your favorite Music tracks offline and listen to them whenever you want?

The answer is to get music from torrent sites. Of course, we are all pretty familiar with different torrent sites for downloading movies and shows, but did you know that these torrent sites can also help you download songs of your favorite singers or all the tracks from your favorite movies?

This article listed the best music torrent sites from which you can easily download your favorite music tracks. The sites are already famous for providing free access to different torrent files. But you may have to use VPN services to browse these, as torrents are illegal in most countries.

Best Music Torrent Websites You Can Use in 2024

1. 1337X

Whenever we talk about torrent sites, we have to consider 1337X. This site is a trendy and useful torrent site that can download almost everything you want. Be it music, movie shows, or any premium app, 1337X has all the torrents ready for you to download.

Coming to its music torrent links, 1337X has a separate section for music files. You can find several trending and popular music playlists in it.

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2. The Pirate Bay

It is another popular torrent site with a dedicated section for music torrents. Similar to 1337X, you will also find a variety of content here. The straightforward and clean UI is an x-factor for Pirate Bay. You can easily explore your favorite tracks here.

Pirate Bay also features high-quality FLAC format music files. But remember to use a VPN, as the site is banned in most countries.

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3. Torlock

It is one of the best torrent sites for downloading music content. The best part of Torlock is that it only features verified torrents, which helps users get decent-quality files and a fast downloading speed. In addition, you will find a dedicated section for music in Torlock. The section makes your browsing for music much more effortless.

Additionally, the site also displays information about the music files available for download. You can check size, the number of times a file is downloaded, seeder, and leechers in the information section.

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4. Lime Torrent

After Torlock, the most famous music torrent site is lime torrent. It is somewhat similar to Torlock, with lots of matching features. For example, you can find a separate section for music torrents with trending and most downloaded categories.  You can also use the search bar to search for your favorite music tracks directly.

Lime Torrent will also get all the information available with each music file. Apart from music files, you can also use lime torrent for downloading eBooks, movies, software games, etc.

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5. Torrent9

It is the most reliable source for music torrents that you will come across. In addition, Torrent9 has a simple and clean interface. So, if you are a new user and don’t have much prior knowledge about torrent sites, Torrent9 will be one of your favorite websites for downloading music.

Like many other torrent sites, you will find an offered section for music torrents in Torrent 9. The section displays popular music files to download. Moreover, Torrent9 segregates music torrent content according to genres such as rock, metal, hip-hop, etc.

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6. Torrent Downloads

The following music torrent that we are going to discuss has an enormous database of music torrents. Torrent Downloads is a perfect website for music enthusiastic people. You will get a categorized homepage where music torrents are organized according to their genus.

The site has many users end uploaders, ensuring you with the latest and working music torrents available for download. You will get a high downloading speed as well.

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Our subsequent inclusion in the list is a feature-packed music torrent site named ETTV. On it, you will mostly find high-quality FLAC music files along with regular MP3 files. You will get almost all the latest music tracks.

Although the site has a segregated section for music torrents, it is not so useful. That is why you have to rely on the custom search option to get your desired music track. Additionally, ETV displays detailed information on size, upload date, etc., with each music torrent.

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8. 101 Torrent

If you are looking for a torrent website that is only dedicated to music torrents, then 101 Torrent will be a hot choice for you. The excellent website contains music files of every genre, starting from rock to classical music.

One extra feature of the 101 Torrent site is that you can download an entire music album at once. Moreover, the site will show you information about every song in the album. So, if these details interest you, the site will be a must-visit torrent website.

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9. Torrentz2

Torrents 2, initially known as Torrentz, is another reliable music torrent site that provides healthy torrent files for download. It has been a famous website for a decade, but it has seen a downfall for some reason. However, in recent times you can see many regular uploaders uploading content on the Torrentz2 site.

Torrentz2 has a category that lists only verified torrent links. Like some other multipurpose torrent sites, Torrentz2 also features movies, software, eBooks, and different torrent files for download.

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10. Katcr.co

Katcr.co is a relatively new site for music torrents. The site is developed and run by team members of Kickass torrents and has a well-managed user interface. Moreover, the site characterizes a fresh and secure database that ensures transparency.

The key feature of this torrent site is its dedicated music section, verified torrents, high-quality FLAC file content, and much more. Katcr.co’s only drawbacks are its restriction in some countries and its frequent maintenance mode problem. But you can obviously use a VPN to bypass these restrictions.

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11. Kickasstorrents

Kickasstorrents is one of those highly popular torrent websites that offer various types of content, such as movies, TV shows, software, games, and music. It has a humongous list of music collections where you can find music from any industry.

The peer-to-peer file-sharing website has a simple and sleek design that makes it effortless to search for and download music. Although the original site died long ago, KAT Proxy sites are still available to provide the same service.

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12. RockBox

Next on the list, RockBox is one of the best music torrent sites. Since it is available worldwide, it covers a wide range of music genres from different countries for different people.

The website allows you to choose the bitrate accordingly and supports up to 320 KBPS. Another thing is that you don’t need to deal with lots of ads. However, the site is as simple as other websites to use the website.

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