Best ETTV Alternatives

There is no end limit when it comes to entertainment because there are literally tons of cool movies and series that you can watch and have a good time with. While the correct way to watch a movie or a TV show is through OTT platforms, TV channels, or theatres but sometimes you can’t find a particular movie through legal channels. 

Earlier users would go to ETTV and download their favorite movies and TV shows. However, that is not possible now because ETTV has been shut down for good and its mirror sites are also not working. So the users need to get the best sites like ETTV to download movies and series. 

In this guide, you will find the list of the best alternative torrent sites for ETTV to download movies and series. Using these sites, you can get the content you want to watch on your device for free.

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Note: Some of these sites might be banned in your region. We suggest that you use a VPN to mask your location.

List of Best ETTV Alternatives / Sites Like EETV

Note: Just know that these sites might not always work and they have mirror sites in place in case one site gets taken down. If the site isn’t opening even after using a VPN, you can search for its mirror sites and then visit that site. 

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is easily one of the best alternative torrent sites for ETTV to download movies and series. Despite being blocked and shut down many times, it is still a g-to site for many downloading movies and TV shows. 

You can find tons of movies and series on this site and the library is just endless. Also, the download speeds are great, which plays an important factor when you want to download a lot of stuff. Because this is a large community, you can easily find seeders and download even the rarest of tiles. 

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2. LimeTorrents

Next on the list is LimeTorrents, a great site for downloading movies and series. Overall, the site contains over 10 million torrents across various categories and the library of this site is bigger than The Pirate Bay. 

So it doesn’t matter what you search, you will always find some satisfactory results in the end. Apart from movies and TV shows, you can download tons of games, apps, and music from this site. So make sure to check this one out. If you are looking for a great ETTV alternative, this one is the best site for it. 

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3. Torrentz2

Torrentz2, known as Torrentz, is one of the most popular and reliable torrent search engines available on the internet. This site combines the search results from all the torrent sites to give you the best available options. 

If your go-to torrent site does not have the movie or series you are looking for, you can go to this site to get satisfactory results. Although you can find all types of torrents on this site, their primary focus is on movies and music. 

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4. Zooqle 

Another great ETTV alternative that is gaining popularity these days is Zooqle. This site has an extensive library that contains movies, software, TV shows, eBooks, and much other content. If you are into gaming, you can find many new titles on this site.

The great thing about this platform is that it has a very simple interface that is easy to use. The searching of torrents on this site is also easy and you can download rare titles from this site as well. 

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RARBG is also one of the best ETTV alternatives mainly because of the active community of seeders and high-quality torrents. The site is quite old and reliable as well. 

The top 10 list on the homepage is great if you want to download some trending content. Also, the library size is more than sufficient and it gets updated regularly. The downloading speeds on this site are also more than enough making it a great choice. 

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6. 1337X

1337x is quite a popular torrent site for getting high-quality torrents. This site is great for downloading movies, TV series, web shows, and music because it mostly focuses on entertainment. The site is also reliable because it has been around for a while. 

Also, this is one of the most active torrent sites to download movies and series since the torrents are updated every few hours. The user interface is great, and you can easily find each torrent’s details. 

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7. TorrentHound

TorrentHound is the OG site when it comes to downloading movies and shows. However, it has taken a hit since the introduction of sites such as The Pirate Bay and RARBG. Also, the site has been a prime target for many government investigations. But the site is excellent if you want to download some obscure titles.  

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8. YTS

Next on the list is YTS, also known as YIFY and this is an excellent ETTV alternative if you want some high-quality torrents for movies and shows. Users can find over 30,000 titles on this site and a lot of them have subtitles and are available in 1080p HD. Again, this site specializes in movies, so make sure to check it out. 

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