ExtraTorrent has been blocked and ceased since 2017 for spoiling the internet ecosystem. After releasing in 2006, ExtraTorrent picked up significant growth in the torrent world. Consequently, it became one of the finest torrent sites.

The contemporary of the Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrent provides services like peer-to-peer using the BitTorrent protocol. In the ExtraTorrent search engine, people can download and upload magnetic links and torrent files.

ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites took place, whereas the main site was blocked in 2017. In that case, we have listed the ExtraTorrent proxy sites list, which are working fine today.

Note: Torrent involved with illegal activity. Thus, we are not accountable for any error or omission of copyright obtain content. We listed the proxy site list for informational purposes.

What is ExtraTorrent Search Engine?

Naturally, it is a torrent site where people used to download all the latest and premium digital content under its roof. Even much progressive and useful information are used to hover in the air free of cost.

Hence, it is not a torrent site, its server allows you to download content with great internet speed. Even all listed contents were available in high-quality. ExtraTorrent was neat and clean, and finding content was very simple.

Why ExtraTorrent Ceased?

As we stated, it provided premium content, apps, games, and software without informing the original content owner. Neither do they give credits nor contribute anything for taking up content. And that’s illegal – as it shut down its operation voluntarily.

Still, the site got blocked in several countries for destroying the environment of internet assets. Even the ISP marked the site carefully to stop its access. These proxy and mirror sites appear after they cease and block.

What is Proxy and How Does ExtraTorrent Proxy Work?

The proxy server works as an operator to create a third-party connection between the request sender and receiver. When we use any proxy, all requests go through the proxy route. Thus, it helps to bypass any blockage on the way.

Similarly, ExtraTorrent Proxy works as an independent platform. It helps to change the route with its own server for data transfer. As a result, we can reach the destination without trouble, which helps hide the original IP address.

What is the Advantage of ExtraTorrent Proxy?

ExtraTorrent proxy has several benefits. Tackling route blockage is one of the best advantages as it changes the path.

It helps to mask your activities to others. Which means nobody can track you easily. You can do anything you want – but avoid any illegal activity.

Proxy always protects your system from various malware and viruses. Apart from this, it boosts internet connectivity speed.

What are the Best ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites? Mirror Site of ExtraTorrent

Let’s look at all ExtraTorrent Proxy sites list and mirror sites working like a charm today.

  1. https://extratorrentsnew.xyz/
  2. https://extratorrents.ch/
  3. https://extratorrent.cyou/
  4. https://extratorrent2.unblockninja.com/
  5. https://extratorrents.it/home
  6. https://extratorrent.st/
  7. https://extratorrent.proxyninja.org/
  8. https://extratorrent.to/proxy.php
  9. https://ext.torrentbay.to/
  10. https://extratorrent.mrunblock.cfd/

Why Should You Use VPN to Unblocked ExtraTorrent Proxy?

A VPN has many utilities, including security, network stability, and access region block service.

Due to infringement content, the ExtraTorrent proxy is blocked in Spain, the USA, Canada, and Australia. A proper VPN can help you access ExtraTorrent proxy sites in those countries.

Furthermore, your IP and server will be secret to the internet world. Since a VPN has a bandwidth throttling capacity, it can drastically increase internet speed.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

If you cannot access ExtraTorrent proxy sites, you should look at ExtraTorrent alternatives.

1. KickAss Torrent

KickAss Torrent, aka KAT, is one of the largest torrent websites. Just like ExtraTorrent, KAT has been blocked as well. Check out the KAT proxy site to avoid blockage.

2. The Pirate Bay

TBH is another terrific torrent website where you can conveniently download movies, web series, games, music, and apps. You have to hit the pirate bay proxy URL to access TBH features.

3. 1337x

1337x is an outstanding alternative to ExtraTorrent. With the help of the 1337x, you will get access to all the latest collections of digital content.

Final Words

I hope you grasp enough information on the ExtraTorrent proxy site list. Always use a VPN to access the ExtraTorrent proxy site for safety and security.