Nowadays, while browsing the internet, privacy is the main concern of every user. To be safe from that, most of the users browse anonymously. To do this, you can use proxy servers that help you to hide your IP address, access blocked websites, and more.

Proxy servers are available for free and paid, but it will be best to use the free ones, but the options are limited. However, if you are concerned more about your privacy, you can also go with paid servers.

Using a free proxy server is completely safe. You can browse the internet without worrying about anything. When you use a free proxy, you share your addresses with other web scrapers and surfers. So, if you want to use free proxy servers, we have made it easy for you as we have made a list of free proxy servers.

Best Free Proxy Servers to Hide Your Identity Online in 2024

Not all free proxy servers are the same. That is why we have brought a list of the best free proxies that will help you to hide your IP address.

1. ExtremeVPN Proxy

extremevpn proxy

Your Free Proxy Server for ultimate online privacy and security. Encrypt your connection, mask your IP, and browse freely. Lightning-fast speeds ensure seamless streaming and secure transactions. User-friendly interface for hassle-free protection. Join now for unmatched digital freedom.

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2. ProxyScrape


ProxyScrape is a popular proxy website that offers a user-friendly interface. It has a list of free proxies with options like SSL, anonymity, and country. However, this site does not have a free trial. You need to pay to avail all the benefits. If you sort it out by country, it uses two-character country codes instead of the country name. There is a timeout slider that lets the user limit proxy results.

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3. ProxyNova


ProxyNova is a free proxy l updated every 60 seconds from the d and stored in the gigabyte proxy database. This list can be sorted down by a number like port number, country of origin of a proxy, and level of anonymity.

Even though the list is updated every minute, it is better to refresh the page manually by the visitoRemembermber hat. The proxy server listed here can be used with a software app that supports such proxies. Using a proxy can hide your real IP address and geolocation and access blocked sites.

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4. SSL Proxy

SSL Proxy

This website has fewer proxies as compared to other sites. SSL Proxy has 100 free proxy sites, and they are from different countries around the world. It has a tagline of “SSL (HTTPS) proxies, and these are updated every 10 minutes. All the users can sort by country using the country code or spell out the name.

Also, there is an anonymous option available on every proxy server. The SSL Proxy has launched a new product called Rotating Proxy that works without any app. The rotating proxies are of two types: fast and slow rotating proxies.

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5. Hide.Me


It is a free Web proxy that lets you access all the blocked websites. You need to enter the website address in the box and use any site. Hide. It has a super simple setup that anyone can use, even if you are a beginner, Don’t worry.

The free proxy tool is available under the VPN apps section, as the website mainly focuses on VPNs. The site also offers Firefox and Chrome extensions to use the website anonymously in the browser itself.

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6. Open Proxy Space

Open Proxy Space

Open Proxy Space is a free proxy with three batches, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTP/S. This site has a list of updated proxies, and you can also upload your proxy sites. Different countries are offered on the website, from which you can choose.

According to the last time when they were updated, all the proxies that are enlisted here are. After you choose the batch, then you need to select the country.

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7. ProxyScan


ProxyScan has more than 5000 proxies that ProxyScan offers, and it is checked every 10 minutes. To select the best proxy site, apply the parameters like ping, country, city, type, and more. It also offers tools like filters, scraper, and checkers. The site is updated regularly with freshly added proxy sites.

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8. Free Proxy


The free proxy website can be used to use a data scraper bot. It hosts around 7000 proxy servers. Select the protocols from the list like HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. There are three anonymity levels, Elite level 1, Anonymous level 2, and Transparent level 3.

You can choose a free proxy according to the country. The user interface is elegant and simple to use, and it has information like a response, speed, anonymity level, and the time when the proxy was updated.

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